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How to determine the size of gloves - detailed instructions for choosing the perfect pair
How to determine the size of gloves - detailed instructions for choosing the perfect pair

In our material, we will tell you how to correctly measure your hand and choose the correct size of gloves, even if you buy them in an online store.

How to determine the size of gloves - detailed instructions for choosing the perfect pair

When we buy gloves in a regular store, we have the opportunity to try them on and choose the perfect pair. But online shopping is a different story. Few people know what size of gloves suits them and how to determine it in general, how to correlate hand measurements with a dimensional grid. Difficulties also arise due to differences in the designation of sizes in different manufacturers. Someone designates them with letters, someone - with numbers. Contents of the article 1. How to determine the size of gloves 1.1 How to measure a hand 1.2 What do the numbers in the size of gloves mean? 2. Glove size charts 2.1 European size table for women and men; 2.2 European size chart for children; 2.3 American size system 3. Tips for finding the perfect gloves Hide

If you have encountered similar problems, then we offer you detailed instructions on how to find out the size of women's, men's and children's gloves, how to correctly “read” the size chart, so as not to make the wrong choice during online shopping.

How to determine the size of gloves

How to measure your hand

How to find out the size of the gloves

How to find out the size of the gloves

​​You will need a measuring tape to take measurements from your hand. If not, arm yourself with a regular rope and ruler. The left and right hand may differ slightly from each other, so we recommend that you measure the hand you are writing with.

  • The first measure is the girth of the hand.
  • The second is the girth of the wrist.
  • The third is the length of the thumb.
  • The fourth is the length from the hand to the tip of the middle finger (this parameter is especially important to measure for those with long fingers.

This is the first and most effective way to find out your glove hand size.

You can also go the simpler way and measure only the girth of the hand. It is easy to determine the size of gloves by it, both by letter and number system of sizes. To make an accurate measurement, bend your palm into an open fist and grasp the base of four fingers with a centimeter (focus on the widest area).

What do the numbers in the size of gloves mean?


Remember that the size of the gloves is not measured in centimeters, but in inches. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable pair, you have to carry out a simple calculation. To convert centimeters to inches, divide the number indicating the girth of the hand by 2, 54. Next, you need to round the result down by 0.5. That is, if you have a palm circumference of 18 cm, divide it into 2, 54. It turns out 7, 08. If you round up, we get the number 7 - it will mean the size of the gloves. However, you should always take into account that different brands may have different markings and sizes.

Glove size charts

Here, as in other categories of clothing, footwear and accessories, there are differences in designations and sizes between the nets of different manufacturers. Markings are divided into European and American systems. The first use numbers to indicate sizes, the second - letters.

European table of sizes of gloves for women and men

European glove size chart

European glove size chart

When choosing men's gloves to determine the size, use the table above. Sizing is done in a similar way. The most popular sizes for men's gloves are the M and L sizes, but it is also easy to find the largest or smallest glove sizes (eg XXS or XXL).

European size chart of gloves for children

European size chart of gloves for children

European size chart of gloves for children

The girth of a child's hand is measured according to the same principle as that of an adult.We take the measurements from the leading hand (the one with which the child writes). We grasp and measure with a measuring tape the area at the base of four fingers.

On children's clothes, shoes and accessories, on the label you can often see not only the size, but also numbers indicating the age of the child for whom this or that thing is intended. However, this parameter should not be strictly taken into account, since all children grow and develop in different ways.

American size system

As we said, in the American system, sizes are indicated by letters.

To accurately determine the size, before buying, if it is not possible to try on gloves, carefully study the size chart of a particular brand and see which hand size corresponds to which letter.

These symbols are very easy to use, especially when choosing the size of rubber or nitrile household gloves or the size of disposable medical gloves (eg latex).

Tips for finding the perfect gloves

  • When buying gloves, be sure to consider the type of fabric from which they are made. For example, models made of elastic material stretch well enough, so they can fit several sizes at once (for example, S / M). Or, on the contrary, gloves made of thick durable materials (leather, suede) practically do not stretch, so they need to be selected and bought exactly in size.
  • The right gloves will fit your hand like a second skin. Therefore, if after trying on you notice that folds, gathers appear or your arms are too cramped, but this is not your size.
  • The length of the glove should match the length from the tip of the middle finger to the hand. It is also important that the length of each finger matches perfectly with the length of the fingers on the gloves.
  • If you buy gloves made of genuine leather, remember that it tends to stretch over time. Therefore, if the choice is between slightly tight and slightly loose gloves, choose the first.
  • Another important consideration when choosing leather gloves is the number of seams. The fewer there are, the longer the product will retain its previous shape and will stretch evenly.
  • For the winter, you can buy gloves in a floor size. Yes, they will not sit perfectly, but warm air will circulate inside, thanks to which your hands will not freeze.
  • How do you know if your gloves fit perfectly? A properly sized pair will not hinder movement. Gloves should be easy to remove and put on. Try to bend your fingers, if there are no problems, then you have chosen the correct size.
  • If you buy gloves in an online store, carefully study the size chart of this or that brand. Do not be too lazy to measure your hand again, if necessary. Read the reviews: sometimes buyers attach real photos in which you can more accurately see how the gloves fit, whether their color differs from the color on the website, and so on. Make sure the gloves can be returned if they don't fit.
  • The lining of the gloves should be neatly sewn on, not glued. These pairs will last much longer and will be more comfortable to wear. Winter gloves may have a fur lining. Gently tug on the fur. If he falls behind easily, then such gloves should not be taken. Firstly, most likely, by the next season, the fur will come out completely, and secondly, it will hardly be pleasant for you to remove the fur from your palms every time.
  • If you're looking for long gloves, look at how they fit on your forearm. Gloves should not overtighten anywhere: this will disrupt blood circulation and, in general, will not look very aesthetically pleasing. When buying from an online store, measure the circumference of your forearm with a tape measure. If this parameter is not indicated on the site, ask the seller what size of gloves will fit your hand.

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