Call for Luck: 5 Feng Shui Items You Must Have at Home
Call for Luck: 5 Feng Shui Items You Must Have at Home

One of the most important aspects in Chinese philosophy is the attraction of Qi energy. It contributes to success and prosperity in all areas of life, so you need to constantly surround yourself with the right things in the house. We check the list: is everything in place?

Call for Luck: 5 Feng Shui Items You Must Have at Home

Aromatic items

Smells have a profound effect on our lives, as they evoke certain emotions and create an atmosphere. Plus, it's one of the easiest ways to bring positive change into your life. To do this, use scented candles or essential oils that suit you.

Notte di Stelle, Acqua di Parma


This item is endowed with mystical features and is considered a conductor of energy. So, according to the precepts of the Chinese sages, it is better to place the mirror where it will not reflect the window or the front door, otherwise the positive Qi will never get into the house. And if amulets stand opposite, then the good influence will increase.

Lene bjerre


Light is a stimulant of energy, personifying the element of fire. Therefore, if the house lacks a natural light source, you need to acquire additional devices. Opt for rounded chandeliers and lamps to help direct the flow of Chi in the right direction.

LED Harper


The things in their place attract the health and well-being of the family. It is not for nothing that they say that every two or three months you need to give away everything unnecessary in order to clear the space. By the way, special lockers for storing items will help you organize your house in order. And the search in this case will not take much time.



Indoor flowers in the interior will help to achieve spiritual harmony and activate the energy of the space. Track their location: it is better to put plants in pots on a closet away from the resting place, since rotting processes constantly occur in the flower soil.

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