Diana, Kate & Meghan's Fun Secrets: Fast Food, Pub & Supermarket Escape
Diana, Kate & Meghan's Fun Secrets: Fast Food, Pub & Supermarket Escape

The royals want to live like ordinary people. To do this, they sometimes have to go to the trick, while maintaining confidentiality.

Diana, Kate & Meghan's Fun Secrets: Fast Food, Pub & Supermarket Escape

Diana Spencer

The Princess of Wales was a unique royal personage. She respected traditions and dreamed that her sons would continue to serve the crown when they grow up. But at the same time, Diana remained a woman who dreamed of personal happiness. She wanted to raise children like all ordinary people. This desire prompted her to act contrary to the status of the wife of the direct heir to the British throne.

According to the royal chef, Spencer took her sons to the world's most popular catering, McDonald's. And she did it in secret from the staff of Buckingham Palace. The chef was shocked when he first learned about Diana's secret gastro escapes with William and Harry.

“I remember the princess came to my kitchen and asked me to cancel the boys' lunch. She said she would take them to McDonald's. I was amazed and said that I could make burgers, but I heard: “No, they want a toy from the Happy Meal.” The boys loved these secret outings with their mom at fast food,”said Darren McGrady.

Princess Diana secretly drove her sons for burgers and pizza

Princess Diana secretly drove her sons for burgers and pizza, Legion-Media

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is an exemplary royal personage. But she also allows herself to relax in pubs with friends. Keith loves the Hollywood Arms in London's upscale Chelsea neighborhood. There, the wife of Prince William meets with the mothers of classmates George and Charlotte. However, Middleton cannot be caught at the entrance to the bar.


Meghan Markle and other stars known for their scandalous statements

Like his mother, Princess Diana, Prince Harry felt slighted in the royal court. He decided to leave it for his own happiness and the well-being of his children. In his memoirs, Prince Harry frankly spoke about the main events in his life, and also explained the reasons for leaving the royal family. In March 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Mark gave a two-hour interview to Oprah Winfrey, in which they talked about indifference and racism in the family of monarchs.

Kate enters the establishment through a secret door. A secret entrance was created for Prince Harry. He was a frequent visitor to the Hollywood Arms during his tempestuous youth. Thanks to the secret door, members of the royal family can enjoy food and drinks in the pub without drawing undue attention to themselves.

Kate Middleton enters a pub in central London through a secret door

Kate Middleton walks into a pub in central London through a secret door, Legion-Media

Meghan Markle

The Force Majeure star and the youngest son of Princess Diana were carefully hidden at the beginning of the relationship. Megan flew to Harry in London, but they could not appear on the streets together. The lovers came up with a funny game: they pretended to be strangers when they went to the supermarket.

“We were texting each other from different sides of the building,” said Harry. According to the prince, he tried to look at the floor all the time so that other buyers would not recognize him. But the British do not recognize the monarch - this is more the exception than the rule. Megan watched people greet her lover, and could hardly restrain a smile.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry played strangers

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry played strangers, Legion-Media

Alexander Vasiliev said that Princess Diana cheated on Charles.

Kate Middleton was offended by classmates because of her slim figure

Meghan Markle appeared in the Prince Harry TV series. The Duchess amazed fans with her appearance.

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