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Yulia Smolina: "Beauty and youth are what always interests and worries"
Yulia Smolina: "Beauty and youth are what always interests and worries"

The founder of the DAVIANI Beauty & SPA beauty center and beauty industry expert Yulia Smolina shares the secrets of success, attitude to competition, modern trends in female beauty, favorite procedures and even the contents of a cosmetic bag!

Yulia Smolina: "Beauty and youth are what always interests and worries"
Yulia Smolina: "Beauty and youth are what always interests and worries"

Julia, tell us how you got the idea to organize a business in the beauty industry? How did you achieve such success?

This idea did not come up suddenly, but lived with me for years. My experience in the field of beauty is 28 years, of which 23 years in the premium segment. I was sure that one day I would open a beauty salon that fully corresponds to my ideas about what it should be. As for success, our recipe for achieving them is as follows: hard work, team building, close and close work with partners, constant learning to work with material and service. I would like to say separately about the service that it is an important component of success. We treat our clients with special trepidation, value their time, approach each one individually, select only high-quality and effective procedures and materials.

Have you ever stepped over your principles in your professional life?

Unfortunately, when I was a hired employee, I had to, and more than once. But today I can implement the DAVIANI Beauty & SPA concept without overstepping my principles.

Is there a place for creativity in your work? When and how can you be creative?

Of course there is. Creativity consists in the creation of various thematic areas, for example, filming. For example, the DAVIANI team played a key role in the shooting of ART Calendar 2019. For several months we chose the most interesting and beautiful images, photographers, models, entourage and stage, costumes and accessories, and after that 10 hours of shooting. creative than working on sites of interesting cult events. For example, the creation of images of famous actors on the backstage of the Golden Mask award on the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theater. Working at events with partners is creativity for us. Working out images, creating a finished image as a whole is also a very creative type of activity.

Why did you decide to become a partner of the "My Tsvetaeva" event in Dusseldorf?

In different cities of Germany there are many admirers of Marina Tsvetaeva's talent. After all, she spent years in this country and during her life did not lose her emotional connection with her. In different cities of Germany, where she had to live, there is even a monument and a memorial plaque. By the way, Tsvetaeva's first poems were in German. That is why the partnership at the “My Tsvetaeva” event in Dusseldorf seemed to me an important and useful mission.

After opening a beauty salon in Moscow, is there a goal to turn DAVIANI Beauty & SPA into a whole network of salons?

Yes. At the moment, the company is developing and is looking for a new site. It is quite difficult to find a place that will be interesting from a business point of view. Of course, it should combine convenience for customers, parking, surrounding infrastructure and many other factors. In addition, we are working on the launch of a private label (our own trademark), on the packaging of the franchise and the launch of the DAVIANI Academy.

What procedures and services do you prefer in beauty salons?

I like a lot, but, unfortunately, there is not always enough time for the procedures. Of course, what I do is work with the face and body. My favorite treatments are Cellcosmet and RHEA. The Cellcosmet Anti-Aging Program with a proven history is the best choice for me. This is a Swiss patented cell therapy aimed at rejuvenating the face and body, lifting, revitalizing and restoring the natural functions of the skin. I also love the RHEA treatments, which are performed with a line of molecular skin essences. The RHEA brand is a fresh approach, a new generation, unique ideas in one bottle, the use of peptides and various innovative technologies. The hardware facial techniques I use are Hydrafacial and SkinMaster. Hydrafacial is a device that is hard to find analogues, it has many functions, a unique patented technology and literally renews the skin. On the SkinMaster device, you can go through a lot of different procedures - from ultrasonic cleaning and moisturizing with serums to working with deep wrinkles and face contour correction. As for the body, I love the Icoone hardware techniques - they help to shape the figure and improve the quality of the skin, while being painless. I also like the state of relaxation and weightlessness that floating in an immersion bath gives. To prepare for the summer, I used Icoone treatments and our new massage techniques - visceral abdominal massage technique and Su Jok Ki therapy. Another of my “favorites” for the body is the painless and effective Soprano XL Ice device, only with it I started doing laser hair removal. And, of course, haircut, coloring, styling, manicure, pedicure, makeup, eyebrow lamination - where can you go without them? I consider this to be the minimum “beauty basket” for women. Everything else is certainly useful, but at will, and if at this time.

Was the DAVIANI Beauty & SPA logo that we see at the moment that way from the beginning or has it somehow changed over time?

The logo was implemented on the first try and did not change. Initially, there was an understanding of what we want to do. The letter D stands for Daviani, Diva, Dolce Vita, Divina or David, like the Michelangelo statue. Of course, the choice of the name was influenced by the inspiration of Italian art and the grandeur of its beauty. The upward arrow in the logo symbolizes the upward movement and the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

Do you shape your image yourself or do you resort to the services of stylists / makeup artists?

I shape my image myself, but, of course, I listen to the advice of my professionals.

What do you always have in your cosmetic bag? What can you not do without for a day?

I always have Oribe Beauty lipstick in my makeup bag. Its rich yet non-weighty formula includes nourishing ingredients, oils and herbal extracts. I am also always with La Ric Liquid glove - a unique luxury product for hand care. One drop of the product is enough to create the thinnest caring and protective film on your hands. Like many women, I carry my favorite perfume in my bag. Now my favorites are exclusive fragrances from the PROZORINI perfume house. I always have a small Majestic trichological comb in my bag. I often take a small bottle of Show varnish with me. I fell in love with this brand as soon as it appeared in Russia. Show products are a luxurious professional care for any hair type. If you are looking for your ideal hair, face and body care products, your favorite treatments, effective and relaxing products and techniques, welcome to the DAVIANI Beauty & SPA beauty center!

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