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Voluminous hair that does not grease: three days and guaranteed results
Voluminous hair that does not grease: three days and guaranteed results

Do you have an oily scalp? Is your hair sluggish, thin and in dire need of an increase in volume? Do you wash your hair every day, but by the evening your hair is a miserable sight? Leave that in the past. For three days!

Voluminous hair that does not grease: three days and guaranteed results

Thin oily hair is the scourge of many girls who dream of luxurious styling. Now everything will change.

Miracles do not happen, and the procedure will have to be repeated at least once a month, but believe me, it's worth it.

She came up with a procedure (more precisely, a care and rehabilitation program) by beauty blogger Nulein Anisharan - the girl suffered for a long time due to the oily hair and conducted an experiment on herself.

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Hundreds of girls followed her example and left feedback:

Well, have we started?

The first day

Detoxify and soothe the sebaceous glands

You will need: shampoo and conditioner.

The nutrients necessary for the hair for thickness and volume simply cannot penetrate the greasy film, forgive me for the not very pleasant terminology. Take a deep cleansing shampoo for fine hair and thoroughly wash your head. Then apply a volumizing conditioner. After that, a charcoal and green tea-based product should be applied directly to the scalp: this will soothe the sebaceous glands and reduce the production of sebum.

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Second day

Making hair thicker and healthier

You will need: dry shampoo, a silk hair tie if it is going into a ponytail, castor oil, or an omega-3 supplement.

If you have an oily scalp, you probably feel the need to wash your hair every day, but that only makes the problem worse. To reduce the production of sebum, we must exercise the skin. Dry shampoo not only absorbs the sebum at the roots, but also adds volume to the hair.

A great way to extend the interval between shampoos is to tie your hair into a ponytail or bun. On the second day, it is better to make them loose, and a little careless and fix them with a silk - this is important - an elastic band. Silk gently fixes the hair without pinching, breaking or tangling it. If you like ribbon more, this is also a great option. If your hair looks relatively clean, make the ponytail in the middle of the nape, with the elastic pulled down half the length.

And now the main life hack of the second day: before you finally do your hair, take a little castor oil or crush an omega-3 capsule, and apply it to the scalp, avoiding the hairline, inside with a cotton swab. This will nourish the hair follicles and accelerate hair growth without being noticeable thanks to the proposed styling.

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Day three

Preventing hair loss

You will need: nourishing hair oil, silk pillowcase.

Surprisingly, many who have tried this technique are surprised to notice that the hair looks much better than expected. Anyway, this is the most important day in the program. And it is best to spend it at home, as there are many procedures ahead.

Apply nourishing hair oil in the morning and massage in in a circular motion to speed up blood circulation and thus promote hair growth. The ideal option is to go with oil all day, but if this is not possible, reschedule the procedure for the evening to avoid having to wash your hair just an hour or two after application.

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Then, when you go to bed, place a silk pillowcase over or instead of your pillowcase instead of cotton or linen. Like a hair tie, it reduces friction, tension and tangles in the hair during the night. Do not braid your hair in tight braids or fix it tightly: if it is long and in the way, gently braid it with a silk ribbon.

Agree, it sounds not difficult at all. And the result already pleases girls all over the world!

And remember: the procedure does not solve the problem forever the first time, it must be repeated once a month for beginners, and less and less for those who continue. Or maybe you will be among the lucky ones and will achieve a long-lasting result almost immediately!

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