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Iconic hairstyles: they will never go out of style
Iconic hairstyles: they will never go out of style

Mireille Mathieu's round bob, Vidal Sassoon haircut, Jacqueline Kennedy's voluminous bob and 15 more hairstyles that will never go out of style!

Iconic hairstyles

1. Veronica Lake

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Perhaps the only actress of the early 20th century who was remembered not for her roles, but for her way: it was she (and purely by accident) who introduced the bangs that covered one eye into fashion. The actress herself called her hairstyle "Hide and Seek", and this image has not lost its relevance to this day.

2. Mia Farrow

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For the role in Rosemary's Baby, the great Vidal Sassoon designed Mia's hairstyle, and this haircut went down in history under his name. Today, pixie haircuts have become fashionable variations on the Vidal Sassoon theme, but it is Mia Farrow who has forever remained the legendary embodiment of an ultra-short, but incredibly feminine and sexy hairstyle.

3. Marilyn Monroe

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Jennifer Aniston and other stars who had a passionate romance

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a passionate romance on the set of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Pitt found himself in a delicate situation - his wife Jennifer Aniston was waiting for him at home. Cheating on set led to the collapse of their five-year marriage.

Medium bob, ultra-light blond and large curls: the image of Marilyn by men and women around the world is still considered the standard of femininity and seduction.

4. Brigitte Bardot

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"Babette Goes to War" - a cult film about a brave French woman who went to war against fascism, was remembered not only and not so much because of the plot, but because of the vivid image of the main character. Her hairstyle, which received the same name, has become an eternal hit, and even today the voluminous back of the head, strands chipped from the back and free ends of curls are an excellent option for evening styling.

5. Mireille Mathieu

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“Get a haircut under Mathieu” - this phrase was used by girls all over the world to enter beauty salons and hairdressers, and in the 60s Mireille's hairstyle was named “the most popular in the world”. The round square, which envious people called "a haircut under a pot", has not lost its relevance 50 years later, and we are sure that it will not lose it for many more decades.

6. Audrey Hepburn

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It's even difficult to say which image of Audrey is more iconic: with a short haircut or with a high bun. One thing is certain: she was the first to prove from personal experience: changing the image does not mean losing oneself, and short hair can look feminine.

7. Twiggy

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A short, side-parted haircut that's flawlessly sleek: 16-year-old Twiggy pushed this hairstyle into fashion without even suspecting that the cheeky look would become iconic. But the girl was persuaded for a long time to decide on this experiment: Twiggy got her hair cut for filming in an advertisement for one of the London beauty salons, which promoted the idea of ​​the emancipation of girls to the masses. It was this shooting that became the beginning of the dizzying career of the young model, and she did not change her hair for many years.

8. Farrah Fossett

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Layered haircut and relaxed curls: Looking at the pictures of Farrah, it’s hard to believe that so many years have passed: her hairstyle looks quite modern! At the same time, Farrah's hairstyle was called too frivolous, and unkempt, and disheveled, and the actress herself was said to be "as if she had never been to a hairdresser." Nevertheless, the image of Fossett became so iconic that one of the Barbie dolls was created exactly in her image and likeness.

9. Jacqueline Kennedy

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The most stylish First Lady of all times and peoples left us a fashion for a voluminous bob: unlike Marilyn's bob, Jacqueline's hairstyle suits almost everyone, allows you to open or close the forehead and practically does not require styling: slight negligence is a "trick" of this legendary look for centuries.

10. Danny Minogue

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Geometric straight bangs came into fashion with the light hand of Danny Minogue, who created the most popular variation on the bob theme.Interestingly, Danny herself considered this hairstyle unsuccessful and soon grew her hair, but such a memorable image did not work out anymore. However, this is not why we love the singer!

11. Princess Diana

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The image of Diana was developed by Sam Mikeknight, a celebrity stylist who even celebrities like Madonna make appointments for weeks in advance. For the lady-to-be, Dee McKnight offered a page haircut, which Miss Spencer herself seemed to be old-fashioned and irrelevant. However, the great maestro was right: the haircut was perfect for the princess, and until her death she did not change the once found image. And the hairstyle has become a cult, literally experiencing a second birth.

12. Meg Ryan

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A cropped bob with graduation - this is how in the professional language of stylists the iconic haircut is called, which Mag made for the filming of the film "French Kiss" (1995). Then this terminology had not yet taken root, and girls all over the world asked their masters for a "haircut like Ryan." In English, a haircut is called shaggy, which literally translates as "shaggy". According to polls of salon visitors, this is the second most popular haircut form so far. Perhaps this is one of the hairstyles that will always be in fashion!

13. Jennifer Aniston

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The image of Rachel shocked the world: a multi-layered haircut that fits perfectly without any styling: we could not even dream of such a thing! Fashionistas all over the world cut their hair under Rachel, and we are sure that the trend will continue for more than one decade.

14. Victoria Beckham

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After many years of experimenting with the appearance, the "peppercorn" found a win-win: an asymmetrical bob, elongated in the front, became Vicki's calling card and the object of desire of girls all over the planet. The hairstyle visually narrows the face, makes its features sharper and brighter, which explains its incredible popularity.

15. Halle Berry

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“My hairstyle is pure hooliganism,” Holly once said in an interview and provided a rebellious, slightly boyish and daring styling with a bright future. The actress grew her hair for some roles, but invariably returned to the perky image. According to Holly herself, she is tired of the dominance of glamorous curls and fashion for long hair, and with a short haircut and informal styling, she feels free from prejudices.

16. Kate Moss

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Makeup that is not there, and a haircut that also seems to be missing: negligence bordering on chaos: Kate Moss blew up the catwalks, showing an image so imperfect that … absolutely perfect. "Heroin chic", as this style was later dubbed, did not stay in trends for so long, but relaxation and negligence remained in world trends, perhaps forever.

17. Julia Roberts

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Curls? Then let them be violent and disobedient! Curls have never looked as beautiful as Julia's, and no one could have presented this look more advantageous. Julia also introduced a fashion for an open forehead and strands thrown back. And this is forever!

18. Taylor Swift

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The bangs just below the eyebrows: some 10 years ago we would have been told that completely covering the forehead is ugly and unfashionable. But Taylor turned our idea of ​​beauty upside down: her bob, now shorter, now elongated, but with the same bangs, has become no less iconic than Vicki Beckham's. Thank you, Teyli!

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