Big - small: 5 surprising facts about male size
Big - small: 5 surprising facts about male size

Does penis size matter? Are these numbers given too much importance? The answer to both questions is yes. The studies discussed below sometimes show different results, but this only reflects the complex attitude of people towards penis size. It's time to shed some light on this important point!

Big - small: 5 surprising facts about male size

1. They're getting smaller

The first study compares average penis sizes in 1948 and 2015. As it turned out, now they have become shorter by 2.67 cm! However, it is worth considering that post-war research included independent measurements among 3,500 college students, so these numbers cannot be 100% believed. Average dimensions - 15, 77 cm in an erect state, circumference - 12, 31 cm.

The new measurements were taken by urologists under the merciless light of hospital lamps. And now the numbers have decreased to 13, 1 and 11, 66 cm, respectively. But it is important to understand that the demographic situation in the world is now different, which means that there are much more variations in size.

2. Anxiety about size does not depend on size

A small penis is considered to be shorter than 4 cm in its normal state and 7.5 cm in an erect state, which is extremely rare. According to statistics, 85% of women are satisfied with the size of a partner's penis, while men are satisfied with the size of dignity only in 55% of cases.

In 2013, researchers found that even men with average dignity (or above average!) May experience a small penis. Most of these fears are common among older men, as well as gays and bisexuals. And if sexual minorities have more opportunities to compare, then the experiences of the elderly can be explained by the fact that the penis decreases slightly with age. Roughly speaking, if a member in a state of erection reaches 18 cm at 30 years old, then at 60-70 it can shorten to 15 or even less. Fat deposits in the blood vessels, which carry less blood to the penis than before, and weakened muscles are to blame for this. Another reason is constant minor injuries during sex or active sports. Tiny scars are left on the skin, making the tissues less elastic.

3. Penis length is related in part to orientation

In 1999, a study was conducted that showed that gay men had an almost centimeter longer dignity than heterosexuals. However, since the participants again measured their penises themselves, the possibility of error cannot be ruled out.

4. Girls like more

This terrible truth was revealed by scientists from the universities of California and New Mexico. They asked 75 women between the ages of 18 and 65 to choose from 33 three-dimensional penis models of various sizes, made of durable, odorless blue plastic. The average result is 16 cm long, 12.2 cm in girth. For sex for one night, the participants chose the larger options: the average values ​​increased to 16, 3 and 12, 7 cm, respectively. Scientists concluded: "Women may prefer a larger penis for one-time sex, so that more vivid physical sensations compensate for the lack of psychological intimacy." They also noted that larger penises in long-term relationships may not be the best choice, as "vaginal sex can cause damage to internal tissues, and it is easier for women to choose a smaller penis to avoid damage."

5. The penis can be enlarged

There are several ways to do this. One of them is the use of an "extension cord" of the penis, which must be worn for several hours a day. An Italian study recorded an average increase in dignity length of 2.3 cm at rest and 1.7 cm when erect.

The surgical option is the installation of an implant, which helps to lengthen the penis by more than 5 centimeters. The problem is that the result is not guaranteed, as well as the preservation of the working capacity of the penis, which will become even heavier due to the weight of the implant.

Also, the researchers note that with oral sex in some cases, the penis becomes larger than with vaginal sex. However, this has not yet been proven.

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