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Express diet: how to instantly remove water from the body and fit into a dress
Express diet: how to instantly remove water from the body and fit into a dress

You can remove fluid from the body, lose weight by size and see that the arrow of the scales has dropped by a couple of kilograms, in just two days! Attention: this express diet does not guarantee you a reliable result and the fact that the weight will not come back! However, before the party, she will help you get in shape very quickly.

Express diet: how to instantly remove water from the body and fit into a dress

If you want to lose a couple of pounds in just 2 days and finally button up your favorite dress, follow our simple instructions!

How to lose weight quickly

Drink plenty of water

How to remove water from the body? The surest way is to drink more water! No matter how strange and contradictory it may seem, it is water that helps to avoid edema and speed up the process of losing weight. The notorious 2 liters a day is our everything!

Eliminate salt

Salt is the enemy of those who are losing weight. It retains fluid in the body and prevents us from losing weight. Alas, while you "fit" into your dress, on the express diet you will have to eat everything fresh, without salt.

No coffee

Alas, but you also have to give up a cup of coffee in the morning! One of the most famous ways to retain fluid in the body is to drink coffee. If you absolutely cannot do without it, then remember that a small cup of espresso needs to be washed down with a large glass of water in order to regulate the fluid balance in the body.

Drink green tea

Green tea, on the other hand, is a mild diuretic. Plus, it helps with the fat burning process, so 2-3 cups a day while on a weight loss diet are your best friends!

For breakfast - only oatmeal

Oatmeal perfectly removes fluid and improves the functioning of the digestive tract. We just wanted this! During your 2-day express diet, eat 150 grams of oatmeal in water with added honey or dried fruit, but no sugar or milk.

Eat more buckwheat

In addition to oatmeal, buckwheat should be responsible for carbohydrates in your diet. This cereal contains a lot of useful microelements - a real superfood! In addition, buckwheat porridge helps excess water to go away faster, unless, of course, you salt it and fill it with some "nasty" like ketchup from the store.

For two days, eat buckwheat for lunch and dinner in combination with vegetables, lean fish or chicken breast. Our diet is not strict at all!

Add dried fruits to the diet

Instead of sweets and other sweets, eat dried fruits. They improve digestion and the work of the digestive tract, so you can't do without dried apricots, dates and dried pineapples. But remember that dried fruits should be natural, without added sugar, and they should not be eaten in bags, but only a handful a day.

Fresh vegetables - unlimited

The only product that you can eat as much as you like during the Express Diet is fresh vegetables! Be especially heavy on celery, lettuce, cabbage, and cucumbers. After 2 days, the dress will definitely fit perfectly!

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