Excellent figure? Easily! 10 rules of how not to quit working on it halfway
Excellent figure? Easily! 10 rules of how not to quit working on it halfway

Many people who go on a diet and start actively playing sports in order to change their figure burn out quite quickly. Psychologists tell you how to act so that you don't want to quit and your efforts are not wasted.

Excellent figure? Easily! 10 rules of how not to quit working on it halfway

1. Stop trying your best

Imagine that you are a car driving towards your goal. You do not need a full tank to drive, it is important to make sure that it does not empty. Therefore, do not waste energy supporting the strongest motivation, just keep moving. If you feel like you want to take off … let yourself! A break in diet and exercise for 1-2 days will not take you off the right course, but will only help you stick to it.

2. Set realistic goals

Nutritionists often talk about the fact that many people want to lose 3-4 times more pounds than they can. Set an achievable goal: for example, remove 10% of your weight in six months and maintain this result for another six months. And don't focus on naked numbers: muscle is heavier than fat. If you develop new healthy habits (eat less sweets, don't put sugar in coffee, etc.), they help you move towards your goal.

3. Come up with your meal plan

As you know, it is enough to remove 150 calories from the diet in order to effortlessly lose weight by 7 kg in a year. Think about what kind of food you cannot live without, what kind of lifestyle you lead, and build a diet around it.

4. Don't follow the models

Last year, scientists conducted an interesting experiment: two groups of people received magazines with different covers. In the former, she was neutral, in the latter, very slender supermodels were depicted. The first group continued to lose weight, and in the second, most of the subjects gained weight. This happened because, seeing an unrealistic goal in front of their eyes (after all, model harmony is not only numbers on the scales, but also many other factors), people realized that they could not achieve this, and stopped trying.

5. Remember the sensations

When you eat not only tasty, but also healthy, but also practice, you feel good. Motivation rarely appears before a workout, but the sensations after it are worth remembering … and coming again.

6. Come up with gifts

It is easier to move towards the goal if there are “carrots” waiting for you on the way. Are your clothes smaller? Buy cool leggings. Halfway to the desired shape? Treat yourself to your favorite dish with a glass of wine!

7. Arrange a competition

It has already been proven that working in groups is more effective than a single race. Agree with your friends, create a general chat - and move towards your goal. By the way, the organizers usually lose weight faster than the participants, because they subconsciously feel responsibility.

8. Stop weighing yourself every day

You probably know that weight can jump for many reasons. Get on the scale once a week, and preferably at two. Then the picture will be more objective.

9. Surround yourself with health

Let vegetables and dairy products be in a prominent place in the refrigerator, fruits live in a beautiful vase, running shoes live near the door, and sports uniforms are dried in a visible place. These fun little things will do a lot for you!

10. Surround yourself with surprises

Ask your friends to buy you something inexpensive and unusual, you can even give them money for it. Once a month or as you lose weight, open one of the gifts, rejoice and continue.

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