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How to use a washing machine correctly - life tips that will make life easier
How to use a washing machine correctly - life tips that will make life easier

Correct use of the washing machine is a guarantee of clean and unspoiled things. We will show you how to use your washing machine correctly to improve the quality of each wash.

How to use a washing machine correctly - life tips that will make life easier

If you accidentally lost the instructions and want to figure out how to use the washing machine, then use our step-by-step recommendations for owners of the most popular washing equipment on the market. Plus - you will learn what to do with old and vertical machines.

How to use old washing machines

Choosing a wash cycle

Wash cycles are the types of programs that the washing machine uses to operate. These include a wash cycle at the beginning, a rest period, rinse and spin. Sometimes you need to use several rinse and spin cycles to rinse your clothes better.

Most washing machines have a regular cycle, a continuous press cycle, and a delicate cycle. Some models have a hand wash cycle for extra sensitive garments and a cycle for bulky items such as blankets or pillows.

Choosing the right temperature

Typically, you will be presented with three temperature options: hot, warm, and cold. Follow the washing instructions on the garment labels. General recommendations:

  • cold water - for delicate clothes;
  • warm water - for sheets, towels and other bedding;
  • hot water - for disinfecting items such as baby clothes, cloth diapers, bedding and sportswear.

Determine the size of the load

The load size for older machines is usually minimal. Set the toggle switch to the required position depending on the load. If you have a vertical old machine, distribute the load evenly. And never wrap items of clothing around the motor unless you want to damage them.

How to use a vertical washing machine

Old vertical machines draw water through a hose. For washing, you need to pour the powder directly into the drum and stir it. Next, you drop the clothes and distribute them evenly. Then turn on the wash. You need to track the cycle yourself.

Instructions on how to use the washing machine correctly

An automatic machine can wash faster and more. In addition, you do not need to monitor its operation every time - the washing machine operates according to the established program.

Washing machine "Indesit" (Indesit): how to use it

Washing equipment "Indesit" is actually easy to operate. Some models do not have a start button, but this should not confuse you. To start washing, you must first select the appropriate washing mode and temperature, and then press the on-off button.

We offer up-to-date instructions on how to wash with an Indesit machine:

  1. Open the door and put in the dirty laundry. Don't overload the clipper. The hatch should be easy to close.
  2. Turn on the clipper with the "on" button.
  3. Select the desired wash cycle, taking into account the recommendations on the label of each garment.
  4. Adjust the temperature toggle switch to the desired degrees.
  5. You can also change the wash mode using the program selector. Also, do not forget to select the number of revolutions for spinning - there is a separate toggle switch for them, which is located next to the others.

Washing machine "Candy" (Candy): how to use it

If you have Candy washing equipment, read the instructions on how to use it correctly.

  1. Load detergent. Open the powder container. You will see three compartments. The 1st compartment is for the prewash powder, the 2nd compartment is for the main wash and the "flower" is for the fabric softener.
  2. Select the washing mode, temperature.Turn the rotary switch to select the desired wash mode, for example cotton wash, quick wash or extra wash mode for heavily soiled garments. You can also choose a double rinse and a temperature - from cold to 90 degrees. Press the start sign - it looks like a music play / pause button.
  3. You do not need to follow the machine - after the end of the cycle, the machine will beep to you. Remember: the hatch is not unlocked immediately, but only after 1-2 minutes.
How to use your washing machine correctly - all popular brands

How to use your washing machine correctly - all popular brands.

How to use your LG washing machine

LG washing machine control is one of the simplest. The fact is that most of the models are assembled in Russia, which means they are designed for Russian consumers. Check if you are doing everything correctly when loading the laundry:

  1. Load clothes.
  2. Pour flat powder into the powder receptacle and pour conditioner.
  3. Turn on the machine using the button of the same name.
  4. After the beep, select the desired mode and turn the toggle switch clockwise. Select the spin power, temperature and double rinse as desired.
  5. Then, using the start button, the machine starts the wash cycle.

Washing machine "Samsung" (Samsung): how to use it

Samsung is one of the most popular brands of washing equipment. Fortunately, she is as easy to drive as other cars.

  1. Switch on the clipper with the on / off button. To turn it on, you need to press 1 time, to turn it off - one more time.
  2. Pull out the powder and fabric softener container and put in the correct amount of detergent. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the excess powder may dry out and block the powder receptacle.
  3. Select a wash mode using Fuzzy Logic on the display panel. The Big Wash button is designed for bulky items like curtains or blankets. Option button - additional functions. There is also a spin (Spin) and a temperature (Temp).
  4. Open the door with the Door button and load the laundry.
  5. Use the Start-Pause button to start and to restart the wash program.

Washing machine "Ariston" (Ariston): how to use it

To prolong the life of washing equipment, you need to know how to use it correctly. We share a simple instruction on how not to break the Ariston machine and wash clothes until they are “squeaky” clean.

  1. Plug in the machine and check that the water supply valve is open. Open the door and load the dirty laundry. Place powder, stain remover and other items in the detergent container.
  2. Select the correct washing mode on the special toggle switches. You can also create an individual program. Next, start the job using start.
  3. Remember - it is undesirable to stop the Ariston machine during the washing process. If you need to turn it off urgently, press the button, and do not unplug the cord from the outlet.

Tiret washing machine cleaner: how to use

Another tip is to regularly remove scale and dirt from the clipper so that it lasts for as long as possible. One of the most popular options is Tiret. Let's figure out how to use it correctly.

  • First of all, protect yourself - wear rubber gloves.
  • Take things out of the car.
  • Pour some Tiret into a rag.
  • Use it to wipe down the detergent and fabric softener container. Also pay attention to the drum surface and the door.
  • For the detergent to wash well, pour some water into the powder receptacle and run a wash cycle at 60 degrees without spinning.
  • Repeat cleaning every six months.

Before washing, read the instructions on how to properly wash this or that item. Can jeans be washed in hot water, and delicate items in a different mode? After washing, hang clean clothes according to label recommendations. Some items only need to be dried horizontally.

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