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How to learn to dance: life hacks for beginners
How to learn to dance: life hacks for beginners

Dancing is fun fitness for everyone! Moving to the music, you get a cardio load, a workout of all muscle groups and a great mood. How to learn to dance for a beginner, we tell in this material.

How to learn to dance: life hacks for beginners

How to learn to dance at home

Get inspired

You don't have to wait for inspiration, because you can create it yourself. Dance videos and music videos can help you motivate. Then you don't need to force yourself - your legs will start dancing by themselves. After watching videos with professional dancers, it is very difficult to sit still and you want to learn the same way sooner.

Listen to the music

Any experienced dancer will tell you that technique is, of course, important, but musicality is even more important. To develop an ear for music and a sense of rhythm, you need to become a real music lover. Listen to different genres and different artists - this will give you the opportunity to broaden your musical horizons and more accurately determine which direction in dance is closer to you. Fortunately, you can listen to music everywhere: on headphones while walking, at home while cleaning, or in your car speakers. Note interesting melodic tricks to yourself, beat off beats, dance whenever possible.

Get physical

Learning to dance well is impossible without a trained body. You need to have a certain level of endurance, muscle strength and flexibility to successfully master choreographic elements and not be exhausted in the middle of a workout.

Where to learn to dance?

The easiest and most effective way is to sign up for a dance studio. Many dance schools organize free open lessons where you can look at a specific dance style and see if the teacher's teaching style is right for you.

Of course, you can learn to dance at home using video, but still, under the guidance of a professional teacher, you will progress much faster. In addition, in the studio you are completely immersed in the atmosphere, nothing distracts you, and the coach will always explain the correct and safe movement technique.


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How to learn to dance modern dances for women?

First you need to decide on the style of dance that you want to practice. Among the modern trends with an emphatically feminine presentation, one can single out strip plastic, high heels, jazz-funk, vogue, twerk, dancehall.

Where can a woman learn to dance modern dances?

The best way to get started dancing for a beginner is, of course, with a specialized studio. When choosing it, rely on the recommendations of friends. See the website and pages of the dance school in social networks. On the same Instagram, for example, studios publish videos with their teachers, and you can choose whom you would like to study with.

If you decide to study at home, make sure you have at least 2 square meters of free space. You will also need a large full-length mirror so that you can monitor the correct movement.

How to learn to dance a girl from scratch?

First of all, when you start dancing, do not demand the impossible from yourself. Everyone has their own capabilities and their own pace of development. Be ambitious, but not self-critical! Cheer yourself up and don't let yourself get upset if things don't work out right away.

The main thing in training is regularity.Think over your schedule and allocate 2-3 days in which you are definitely going to attend classes and will not miss.

Practice at home what you learned in training. This way you will develop much faster and soon become a very confident dancer. At the same time, it is useful to do stretching, especially after a workout, when the muscles are warmed up and pliable.

Modern dance trends


Anyone who gets acquainted with modern choreography first learns about the contemporary style. This name is translated as “modern”. The direction combines elements of different styles, but originates from the Art Nouveau style. For the contemporary, flexibility and good stretching are useful.


The progenitor of almost all modern trends. Although hip-hop appeared almost half a century ago, it still remains one of the most popular styles of dance. Today both men and women dance hip-hop. In recent years, the direction has been enriched with elements from other styles, and movements from hip-hop, in turn, have replenished the arsenal of younger dance styles. To learn how to dance hip-hop from scratch, you need to work out the basic movements - you can do this according to the video tutorials.


It is better to study such a spectacular and impressive style as break dance in a dance school under the supervision of a teacher, since break movements are quite traumatic, especially for beginners. Break dancers have in their arsenal many strength elements and breathtaking tricks that will take your breath away.


Street style, based on sharp muscle contractions, which alternate with waves, slides, fixed poses. All this comes together in a whimsical performance with bright accents. Traditionally performed to funky or hip-hop music.

Jazz funk

It is also sometimes called commercial choreography. This style is danced to the most popular hits, and it includes mannered and plastic movements with the most expressive presentation. If you are into music videos of pop stars such as J.Lo, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, this style is for you!

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This provocative style has both many fans and many haters. Someone finds the choreography in the twerk style juicy and daring, while others consider the dance to be vulgar. One thing we know for sure: twerking exercises help to perfectly pump the buttocks, and also train the hips, abs and lower back.

Strip of plastic

The most feminine and flexible dance style performed in very high heels. Includes sexy, flowing movements, mostly on the floor. Modern strip plastic has absorbed elements of other styles, so you will definitely not get bored of the monotony.

Pole dance

This style consists of acrobatic elements on a pole, performed to music. Hence its name: pole dance means "pole dance". The exotic pole dance trend is also distinguished, in which classical pole dance is combined with strip plastic on the floor.


The dance is originally from Jamaica, based on the basic movements - steps. There are female and male and a kind of dancehall. In the female version, there is a lot of sexual movement of the buttocks and pelvis, there are twerk shakes and sharp accents. The dance is performed to music in the style of the same name.

High heels

Feminine choreography in heels with alternating fluid and sharp movements. High heels has incorporated the features of almost all known styles, which means that you, as a dancer, will have a lot of room for self-expression.

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This style of dance is inextricably linked with fashion, as its name recalls. Vogue has several sub-styles, including runway, old way, new way and vogue femme. The runway class teaches the art of walking beautifully to house music. The old way includes posing, in which the dancer's body takes on spectacular geometric positions, and a stretch is added to the new way.Vogue femme is based on some basic elements that combine into an exaggeratedly feminine eccentric performance. Vogue representatives compete with each other at special events called vogue balls, where they demonstrate not only dance skills, but also spectacular themed costumes.


This name brings together the musical and dance styles that originated in Puerto Rico. In reggaeton classes, you will find vigorous incendiary music and a lot of very energetic movements of the hips, chest and body. A prominent representative of the musical style of reggaeton is the famous performer Sean Paul.

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