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Not there! 6 areas of the body that should not be tattooed
Not there! 6 areas of the body that should not be tattooed

Tattoos are usually long-lasting, so you probably thought very well what and where you want to get. But not all body parts are equally comfortable for tattooing! If you make a mistake with the place, it will begin to wear off over time.

Not there! 6 areas of the body that should not be tattooed

It seems that tattoos are done everywhere - they even got to the eyeballs (and this is generally a very dangerous idea). Experts do not recommend getting tattoos where clothing is often in contact with the skin or sunlight is on the drawing. Here is a list of forbidden places, which the master may not say, but you should know.

1. Palms

The skin on the palms is too hard for the pattern to remain on it for a long time. The same applies to the skin on the back of the fingers. Over time, the tattoo will turn into a gray spot.

2. Hands

Firstly, it is also a rather difficult place to work. Secondly, bright colors won't be as bright as intended, and blacks will be truly black.

3. Feet

The tattoo will wear off due to contact with socks, tights and shoes. Unless, of course, you agree to walk in a skirt and barefoot all your life.

4. Elbows

You constantly bend and unbend your arms, the tattoo will wear off over time.

5. Armpits

The skin in this place is constantly shrinking and straightening, this is destructive for the picture.

6. Shoulders

And also the collarbones if you like to wear backpacks. Frequent contact with the webbing will fade the beauty of the tattoo.

How to save a tattoo?

1. Moisturize your skin

The better you take care of her, the longer the tattoo will be bright and pleasing. Use unscented water-based products, lanolin and petroleum jelly will not work. They are too rough and can clog the pores on the skin.

2. Protect the drawing from the sun

At least 2-3 months after application, while the healing process is in progress. Use the most powerful barrier cream. And then it is better not to expose this area to the sun's rays unnecessarily.

3. Don't wear tight clothes

Skinny jeans and sweat tops can ruin your design over time.

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