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You don't need too much: what will you get in return if you refuse unnecessary purchases
You don't need too much: what will you get in return if you refuse unnecessary purchases

If you give up unnecessary purchases, you will get a lot of useful things in return. And it's not just about the Most Conscientious Consumer of the Year badge. Neither self-isolation nor the crisis diminished our desire to purchase goods and services. Meanwhile, new things do not always make life easier and more enjoyable.

You don't need too much: what will you get in return if you refuse unnecessary purchases

What did you buy?

Love for others

When time and resources are scarce, the easiest way to express feelings is by giving something to someone. Especially now, when in a few clicks you can collect a grocery basket for a grandmother in another city or send flowers and eclairs to a friend in a neighboring area, because it’s impossible to come for a birthday this time again. In all honesty, not every gift gives a 100% hit. Grandma loves Kostroma cheese and raisin crackers more than parmesan and biscotti, but you can't buy anything! A friend hasn't eaten sweets for a long time, and she's allergic to lilies, but you haven't seen each other for a long time, and this information somehow jumped out of my head.

Self love

Treat yourself to a delicious latte (banana aroma, medium roast) and the morning will be kinder. Buy a new bag - you have the right, two months with the old one. Lift your spirits by inhaling notes of Argentine pepper (only available in a limited edition perfume). We are so accustomed to pampering ourselves and consoled by running unrestrained shopping that we gradually began to forget about other ways to improve our lives. Moreover, things in our time have a magical ability to become a symbol of anything. For example, status - like a new phone for the price of three previous ones. Health-conscious - buy a massager, vitamins, pedometer and juicer. Self-development - you just need to order a box of books in English! By the way, they will look great next to self-study guides in Italian, which you never opened.


It is high time to rename shopping and entertainment centers into simply entertainment centers. We go there to experience strong emotions: first the excitement of a choice, then the joy of buying, then, perhaps, disappointment. Savoring another impulsive waste in a conversation with a girlfriend, scolding marketers, writing a funny post like “I went for bread, but bought a bread maker and three kilos of tapioca” - this regularly becomes part of the entertainment plan.

Sometimes the race for emotions is fraught with oniomania, or shopaholism - the need to uncontrollably buy unnecessary things. The shopaholic has a few unsecured credit cards, a lot of debt - and still wants to spend every weekend in the store. Behind this lies not a love for leather ankle boots or cashmere vests, but a desire to fill the inner void by any means.


The more you read about the benefits of lettuce, the brighter your dreams of fries with cheese sauce. The more often you hear about the dangers of consumption, the less you want to squeeze out the remains of toothpaste using a special device. Our psyche does not like when it is under pressure. That is why I am tempted to declare to the world: “If I don’t buy this skirt, will it save you? I already put it in a paper bag, not a plastic one, for today the task is completed, leave me alone!"

I'm better

For a radical change in the approach to excess consumption, it is very important to understand what exactly you, and not the planet or the oceans, will receive by moderating your appetites.

Fulfillment of desires

In order not to buy ten incomprehensible bags, but to finally save up for a dream tote, stylists recommend the following trick: when you see a thing from the series “Imperfect, but cheap”, pass it by and put the saved money into an envelope (or transfer it to another account). It works with global dreams as well. A big and important goal can be an incentive to give up fleeting joys.


Good deeds

Reasonable consumption can become a hymn of love and mutual assistance, if you approach the issue with a grain of salt.Good, but unnecessary things you can put in order and find a new owner for them - on thematic sites or in groups on social networks. It is better to replace strange, in a hurry bought gifts with live communication, calls, cute congratulatory videos, filmed especially for birthdays and anniversaries, and hand-made things.


Things not only give, but also require - time and money. Before you unpack, they turn into a collar with a yellow ribbon from Teffi's story - he first "asked" the hostess for a new blouse and skirt, then seduced him to cut his hair short, start smoking and cheat on her husband. I bought a capsule coffee maker - replenish the supply of capsules, in vain, or something, it's worth it. I changed the kitchen set - provide dishes, napkins and a kettle to match. And to a new dress you need to pick up sneakers and walk - certainly not with the dog on the site. Even shellac, and that takes two hours off-schedule a couple of times a month. What do you postpone more often - a meeting with your friends or with a manicure master? It might be time to re-prioritize.

Fascinating quest

  • If you make the message “Think before you spend” not as an order, but as a motto, it can be easy and fun to follow.
  • Do not buy unnecessary products, which then have to be thrown away, but draw up a menu in advance using special programs.
  • Carrying water with you in reusable (and less toxic) bottles and pouring coffee into your thermostat is much more convenient than a cardboard one.
  • To ask for certificates for birthdays and draw up wish-lists so as not to think about what to do with the next steam cleaner.
  • Meeting your friends is not in a shopping center, but in a park, a museum or at a master class.
  • To prohibit souvenirs on travel or to bring exclusively edible ones - they will definitely not gather dust.
  • Run marathons like A Month With No Sales and A Year With No Sales.
  • Go to stores with a list and never deviate more than two points from it.
  • Unsubscribe from all mailings with "lucrative" offers and remove store applications from your smartphone.
  • Analyze spending and set a goal to meet a certain amount in items like "Cafe", "Entertainment", "Taxi".

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