Body in action: 8 tips for those who want to lose weight in the summer
Body in action: 8 tips for those who want to lose weight in the summer

Diet or nutrition? Cardio or strength training? With a coach in the gym or on your own at home? We have collected the most common questions and turned to fitness experts for help.

Body in action: 8 tips for those who want to lose weight in the summer

We have collected the most common questions and turned to the experts of the RA HOME Wellness fitness club for help.

Alexey romeo

Alexey Romeo producer / wellness expert (founder of RA HOME Wellness fitness club)

Kirill Demin

Kirill Demin leading trainer of the RA HOME Wellness fitness club

Diet or Nutrition: Which is More Effective for Weight Loss?

Diets give quick results over a certain period of time, since they are mainly based on the exclusion of certain foods from the diet. In order for weight loss not to harm health, it is necessary to maintain a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, therefore, without a doubt, proper and rational nutrition is preferable to various diets. In addition, strict food restrictions slow down the metabolism, which is fraught with subsequent weight gain, even when eating low-calorie foods.

Is it possible to somehow speed up metabolism and help your body lose weight?

To speed up your metabolism will help cardio - for example, walking and eating right - in small portions 4-5 times a day. We recommend adding foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (fish, avocado, spinach, nuts) to your daily diet. Also, do not forget to drink pure non-carbonated water - 2 liters per day (in the absence of health problems).


What foods in your daily diet will help speed up your weight loss process?

Give preference to protein foods (chicken, turkey, fish and seafood), as the body spends a lot of energy to process protein. Of course, you shouldn't forget about fiber - be sure to add vegetables and herbs to every meal.

Will fasting days and intermittent fasting help speed up the process?

Scientists are constantly arguing about whether it is worth seeking the help of such express methods for losing weight. One thing is for sure: training on fasting day is not recommended! In addition, a poor diet can negatively affect the work of the digestive tract. Therefore, it is best, albeit more difficult, to simply follow the principles of good nutrition.

Which workouts are more effective for losing weight: cardio or strength training?

For a slim figure, cardio or strength training should not be preferred - it is much more beneficial to combine both types of training or combine them into a highly effective functional training.


How many workouts per week does it take to lose weight?

The ideal option is to practice every day for 30-45 minutes. But not everyone has such an opportunity (and desire!). 4-5 balanced workouts per week will be enough to lose weight and keep in great shape.

Training with an instructor in the gym or at home on your own?

To achieve the best results, it is best to combine group training with individual training with a trainer. Even if you consider yourself a fitness guru, a professional who will stand by your side, follow the technique, point out unobvious exercises and motivate you to new successes and achievements will not hurt you. We also advise everyone to make a rule for themselves - do exercises in the morning. 5-15 minutes of charging and a contrast shower will not only help you wake up, but also strengthen your immune system.


Dietary supplements for weight loss - are they harmful or do they really work? Or maybe completely useless?

We do not recommend the use of any dietary supplement other than Omega-3 fatty acids for those taking weight loss programs with us. If a person does not have mental disorders and everything is in order with the hormonal background, then a balanced diet and properly selected physical exercises will lead to the goal and help to reduce weight.

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