Making coffee at home
Making coffee at home

Do you think delicious coffee is only made in coffee shops? We know three ways to make this drink at home.

Making coffee at home

At home, you can make good coffee using a French press, an espresso machine, or enjoy microgranular coffee.

There are four basic rules to follow when making coffee at home. Keep track of the ratio between the amount of water and coffee. Use filtered water heated to a temperature of 92-96 degrees. The grind must be different for each cooking method. Do not forget about the freshness of the beans - coffee should be stored for no more than one week in a dark, closed container.

Espresso machine

To make the right coffee in an espresso machine, you need 7-9 grams of freshly ground coffee. The grinding of coffee depends directly on the brewing cycle. The coffee in the espresso machine takes 18-23 seconds and the grinding should be fine. Freshly ground coffee is poured into the holder and under pressure forms a tablet through which water heated to 88-92 degrees is passed. The drink is ready. Espresso is recommended to be consumed from 60-65 ml cups. Observe the correct ratio of grind, water and water temperature. And espresso "lives" for only 10 seconds, then it must either be drunk or mixed with milk to make a latte, for example. Otherwise, the espresso will taste bitter.

French press

For a French press, you need 180 ml of water and 10 grams of coffee. Use filtered water and a measuring spoon, which will make it easier for you to prepare your drink (usually a measuring spoon comes with a French press). The grind for a French press must be fresh and coarse: the coffee is in contact with hot water for about 4 minutes and when the coffee press plunger is lowered, the grind must not clog the plunger sieve. Pay attention to the fact that when brewing, water is used at a temperature of 92-96 degrees. The resulting drink will definitely delight you. Perhaps this is the best way to brew coffee if you want to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee.

Microgranular coffee VIA

Microgranular coffees are light roasted and dark roasted coffee beans blended with instant coffee and packaged in easy-to-use sticks. By brewing the VIA stick in any place convenient for you, you get a cup of rich coffee. One stick is brewed with 180 ml of water. For brewing, use water at a temperature of 92-96 degrees. If desired, you can add milk or brew VIA in milk.

Tips were given by Starbucks coffee master Svetlana Kostynich

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