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When the shoes ruined the image! The most gaudy outfits of stars with boots
When the shoes ruined the image! The most gaudy outfits of stars with boots

It would seem that everyone has boots in their wardrobe, but only a few are able to wear them correctly. Even among the celebrities (with whom, for a minute, the world's best stylists work) there are those who still have not learned how to handle the most popular shoes of the fall-winter season. In this article, we study the most disastrous stellar images with boots and find out what is wrong with them.

Heidi Klum


If Heidi could, she would gladly pull the boots up to her ears … The model was never modest and always chose the brightest things (sometimes even too much). Skinny jeans, a cropped leather jacket with buckles on the shoulders (what? Yes!) And mid-thigh boots with high zip - in this outfit Heidi looks not just noticeable, but flashy …

Jennifer Lopez


It seems that J.Lo has awakened her inner beast - leopard, leather, miniskirt and predatory stiletto heels. We do not know who the singer was going to hunt in this form, but they certainly would not want to become her victim …

Hayden Penettiere

Image Image

Jennifer Lopez and other stars who gave birth after forty

Jennifer Lopez has admitted many times that she dreams of children. At first, her personal life did not work out (the scandalous divorce with dancer Chris Judd, the wedding with actor Ben Affleck was canceled a few hours before the ceremony), later, married to singer Mark Anthony, Lopez could not get pregnant. Jennifer decided on IVF and in February 2008 gave birth to twins Max and Emma. Unlike Mariah Carey, Lopez is not afraid to carry twins again. “I want a lot of children. Maybe four or five. I would like to give birth to more twins,”Jennifer admitted.

Baby Hayden Penettiere counts every millimeter: the growth of the actress is only 153 centimeters. Nevertheless, the star seems to be wearing clothes on purpose, in which she looks even smaller. A pleated mini-skirt and a tight-fitting mid-thigh jacket are not the best combination for a short girl. Not only do the actress's shoulders look wider in such an outfit, and her legs are shorter, she also enhanced this effect, complementing the image with narrow boots of the wrong length.

Kim Kardashian


In this photo, Kim Kardashian looks like she works as a Catwoman at night and is so tired of saving the city from criminals that she could only change half of her clothes. We simply have no other explanation for this choice of shoes …

Khloe Kardashian


Chloe's bare knees seem to be screaming for help … But no mercy is to be expected. The star of the "Kardashian Family" is not only not afraid of cold joints, but also does not hesitate to combine the incongruous. We think that Chloe hid good taste in her huge black suitcase …

Elle Macpherson


The wrong clothes or shoes can ruin any figure, even Elle MacPherson's flawless body fell victim to bad taste. Huge shapeless fur boots “cut off” the model's legs, making them appear short. But their natural length is 123.5 centimeters …

Gigi Hadid


Gigi rarely makes fashion mistakes, but everyone has bad days. To pull the boots made of thin ivory material over the tight jeans, the model had to work hard. We don't want to upset, but our efforts were in vain …

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