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From a princess to tear: how the style of Miley, Britney and other Disney stars has changed
From a princess to tear: how the style of Miley, Britney and other Disney stars has changed

Disney has been creating the image of princesses for several decades, broadcasting it in series projects and feature films. Wavy long hair, cute dresses with frills, kind and vulnerable heroines … And what happens to these girls after the phrase “Stop, shot!”, We will tell you in our selection.

Miley Cyrus

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"And I live two lives," - a phrase from the soundtrack to the Disney TV series "Hannah Montana", in which Miley Cyrus played the main role. Probably, after the end of the series, the actress and singer began that very second life. Few people remember the glamorous girl with natural make-up who dreams of fame. Miley's dramatic changes began in 2012 after breaking up with Liam Hemsworth. A boy's haircut, revealing leather suits that are more reminiscent of underwear, and outrageous behavior have become Miley's new role. Now a temporary lull has come, and the detachment tries on the images of glam rock - wet strands, shiny smoky, leather pants and a large variety of buckles. Daring and very stylish, but too early to relax.

Britney Spears

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Does anyone else remember the Mickey Mouse Club show? It was there that the career of pop diva Britney Spears began in 1992. The images of that time look relevant now: experiments with fabric, high tails, glamorous sporty style. However, life's difficulties forced the singer to change her role. During her stay in show business, Britney went through many trials, starting with the departure of her husband after the birth of children and ending with alcohol addiction. As a protest, she shaved baldly, got tattoos, put on defiant outfits. The singer found it difficult to cope with such blows of fate, but she returned a slender figure and the image of a sexy pop diva. In recent years, her domestic images have also caused alarm, but it was not until 2021 that Britney decided to talk about her many years of imprisonment by her father's forces.


Miley Cyrus and other stars who have a good relationship with their parents

Miley's mom loves to make fun of her bully daughter. “When we were getting ready to perform at the Video Music Awards, and I was putting on my bear face costume, she said, 'My sweet girl, do you need to potty before you put your costume on?' And I'm like, "Mom! Kanye is standing next to me!" - laughs Miley.

Lindsey Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan is a red-haired, freckled girl. At least this is how she remained in the memory of her fans. However, the charming naturalness was replaced by a thick layer of foundation and a blurred contour of the enlarged lips. A participant in scandals and a real breakaway, in every sense of the word, she prefers a black palette and overly frank styles. Lindsay's resounding success - starring in Disney films, charting her albums and receiving critical acclaim - contrasted with her busy and not-so-happy personal life. Divorce of parents, a tyrant father, constant failures in romantic relationships - all this provoked alcohol and drug addiction, with which the actress fights hard. 2006 can be called a turning point in her career: Lindsay received the "Crimson Branch" in the category "Worst Actress". It was when the failure in professional activity was superimposed on family and love problems that the actress lost herself. We can only empathize and hope for her return.

Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera's career began at the age of 8, since that time the singer's style has changed dramatically several times. Her outfits were both provocative and daring and vulgar. If you trace in detail the change in the images of the singer, you might think that these are just different people. One gets the feeling that the singer celebrated every year with a change of image. Christina was both a pop cutie, a rock bomb, and a sexy socialite.It should be noted that Christina's entire career is accompanied by a struggle with excess weight, and each time the singer wins. It is difficult to imagine how much mental and physical strength was spent on this. Christina went through all the difficulties of the stage, but remained popular. Now the pop diva is looking for herself and her style again.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez cannot be called a classic princess, because sneakers and sweatshirts were her eternal companions at the beginning of her career. She very often appeared on the red carpet in jeans and a T-shirt, regardless of the significance of the event. Behavior of a real brat, isn't it?

With age, Selena's style has changed a lot, but it cannot be described in one word. The singer shocked her with her revealing outfits and impressed with her restraint and elegance. Recently, Selena has had "fashion" mistakes, and she has become a frequent guest in the top of the worst. We hope that these are the consequences of finding yourself.

Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato fell in love with animal prints (especially leopard prints) from the very first steps in show business. The actress and singer has never been afraid to look bright. Purple tights - please, bras on a naked body - as many as you like. Demi doesn't really like to wear pants and skirts, so the accent in the image falls on the legs and neckline. A lot of rhinestones and frank images - it reminds us of something. But it's not just the bold looks that make Demi a riot. After a difficult breakup with Joe Jonas in 2011, the singer and actress ended up in the clinic with depression and bipolar disorder, complicated by bulimia and anorexia. Then she announced her retirement from the Disney series "Give Sunny a Chance" in order to focus on a musical career. The ups and downs of Demi's life did not end there: in 2018, she was hospitalized with an overdose of heroin. Perhaps evocative images are protest, but in this case, they are a cry for help.

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