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Back neckline and sheer fabric: shameful star outfits with buttocks outward
Back neckline and sheer fabric: shameful star outfits with buttocks outward

Even when it seems that we will no longer be surprised by revealing outfits on the red carpet, the stars find loopholes. In this material, we have collected loud celebrities in dresses with open buttocks, which could shock us.



Rihanna decided to accentuate her sexy body with a dress with an open back, but she slightly overdid it with a cutout and bared her buttocks. Whether this was done on purpose or not, we don't know, but the fans have remembered her outfit for a long time.



The first "naked" dress with meaning in our selection. In it, the singer appeared at the Met Gala in 2016. So she wanted to express her protest against ageism and the restriction of women's rights to demonstrate their sexuality. We do not know whether Madonna's dress will help solve the problem, but it was definitely possible to attract attention to her.

Nicki Minaj

Image Image

Madonna and other stars who married men much younger than themselves

All of Madonna's last boyfriends were younger than her. The artist herself explains her choice simply: you see, her peers have been married for a long time and with children. From the last more or less serious relationship, we remember the dancer Ahlamalik Williams, the difference with whom is as much as 35 years. Before that, the star met with another young and hot handsome man - Timor Steffens. It seems that Madonna is charged from her young chosen ones with strength and energy - this is the secret of her youth. Otherwise, how can you explain that at her age she dances so fantastically on stage?

Nicki Minaj loves to show the world his buttocks - well, what, did she shake it in vain? For one of her outings, she chose a dress made entirely of transparent fabric, which can be safely called “invisible”. What you just do not go to surprise the audience. Checkmate, Cardi B!

Heidi Klum


Another heroine of our selection who did not calculate with the depth of the cutout. Heidi decided not to waste time on trifles and put on all the attributes of a sexy image at once. Sequins, leopard, mini, and even this crazy neckline in place that cannot be called … Overkill!

Bleona Kereti


We do not know who threw this mesh on the singer, but this person clearly dislikes her. She could just as well have appeared on the red carpet completely naked. Of course, Bleone succeeded in making an impression, but far from what she had hoped for.

Maty Noyce


Young singer Maty Noyce decided to loudly declare herself, but she chose not the best way for this. The completely transparent dress, which was shown by her buttocks in all its glory, was not appreciated by either haters or loyal fans. But it was necessary to rely on talent …

Rose McGowan


There are many questions to this dress - both in the front and in the back … But we can understand such a choice of the actress. When you go out with the most shocking man of our time, Marilyn Manson, you need to somehow not get lost against his background. Well, with an outfit like that, Rose was really hard to miss.

Nicole "Coco" Austin


Getty Images

We still did not understand what shocked us more in the image of Nicole: a mesh dress on a naked body, a jewelry "fence" around the neck or a face twice as tanned than everything else.

Miley Cyrus



Overshadowing this Jeanne d'Arc style Miley Cyrus outfit is quite difficult, but it will still be. After the country singer decided to change her image, it became much more interesting to follow her releases.

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