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No shame: stars who love to bare their breasts in public and do it often
No shame: stars who love to bare their breasts in public and do it often

Someone will consider them bold, and someone will condemn them for being too frank: the stars from our selection are not at all shy about exposing the bust on the red carpet. Collected the most scandalous outings of celebrities with bare breasts.

Kim Kardashian

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Kim is proud of her luxurious forms, and therefore does not intend to hide them. Either she will appear on the red carpet in a completely transparent slip dress, or even wear a "torn" mesh jumpsuit on her naked body. True, recently, the star has become less likely to forget to wear underwear, which is logical: you have to somehow promote your Skims brand.

Kendall Jenner

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Kim is not far behind her half-sister Kendall Jenner. In general, she can be called the queen of naked outfits - the model has so many of them that you can open your own exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. She has a special love for transparent fabrics that are, that they are not - show everything that is usually accepted to hide.


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Jean-Paul Gaultier and other stars who were rebels in their youth

For more than 30 years of his career, the rebel Jean-Paul Gaultier has managed to never repeat itself and not seem boring, his shows are rightfully considered real fashion shows, and the pointed bra, in which Madonna performed in 1990, has gone down in history forever. The l'enfant terrible of fashion himself also likes to dress very extravagantly: he walked the kilt more than once, promoting it to the masses.

Another lover of “being honest”, Rihanna, has shocked the audience with her nude outfits more than once. The dress from Adam Selman, trimmed with 230 thousand Swarovski crystals, which the star wore to the CFDA ceremony in 2014, went down in history. In one of her interviews, the singer admitted that she almost regretted that she was practically naked that evening. The only thing she was unhappy with was thongs: today, the star would prefer to wear shiny ones that would not stand out so much from under the fabric.


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Left - Madonna in 1992 at the show of her friend and cult designer Jean-Paul Gaultier: then the singer's outfit made a lot of noise. Right - a star at the 2016 Met Gala in a sheer dress expressing her protest against ageism and the restriction of women's rights to show their sexuality. As you can see, time passes, and Madonna remains the same fearless rebel.

Bella Hadid

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Sheer fabrics, stunning cleavage, thigh-high cuts and an extreme mini are the model's best friends. Bella is not afraid to appear naked in front of the public, and therefore often "spoils" fans with outfits on the edge.

Miley Cyrus

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We all remember that very period in Miley's life when we more often saw her naked than dressed. The singer left only a little tissue on her body for the sake of "decency", or to tease people. Married to Liam Hemsworth, the celebrity style became more conservative, but this did not last long. The relationship ended, and with it the limitations. After the divorce, Miley is gradually returning to her old style.

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