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The most fashionable women's scarves for fall-winter - the main trends and the 18 best models
The most fashionable women's scarves for fall-winter - the main trends and the 18 best models

A warm scarf is not only an integral part of the autumn-winter wardrobe, but also a stylish accessory for the cold season that can completely change the mood of the look. If you have not yet decided on the choice, see our selection of the most fashionable women's scarves of the season.

The most fashionable women's scarves for fall-winter - the main trends and the 18 best models

We have collected 18 trendy options for any type of outerwear and told how to wear a scarf stylishly this season. Contents of the article 1. Colors 1.1 Beige tones 1.2 Bright tones 1.3 Pastel 2. Prints 2.1 Cell2.2 Stripes2.3 Geometry2.4 Lettering3. Materials 3.1 Cashmere 3.2 Wool 3.3 Mohair 3.4 Padded 4. Styles 4.1 Regular cut4.2 Oversized4.3 Stole5. 5.8 Long scarf and cropped jacket 5.9 Oversized scarf and down jacket Hide

A fashionable knitted scarf will help make any outfit more interesting, be it a classic coat, a sports jacket or a casual down jacket. In addition, it can be knotted in different ways, and in some cases, a scarf can replace a headpiece. Consider a photo of women's scarves that are relevant in the fall-winter - 2021/22.


Beige tones

Women's Scarf Toptop

A basic sand-colored ribbed scarf for women is a great choice for those who prefer simple accessories in a neutral design. This model looks equally good with elegant coats, and with down jackets, and with leather jackets, and with sheepskin coats. You can support the scarf with a hat of a similar shade and leather gloves, which will add texture to the image.

Bright shades

Mango Chunky Knit Scarf

A bright mustard scarf will help add colors to the autumn-winter look. Chunky knit and fringe will add texture and dynamism to the look. To make the outfit look harmonious, choose a voluminous hat with a lapel for the scarf. A brown or burgundy beanie is ideal. As for outerwear, this scarf will go well with oversized down jackets and fur coats.

Women's Green Scarf & Other Stories

We also recommend that you pay attention to the green scarf made from 100% cashmere. This bright accessory will help to diversify the autumn-winter wardrobe and set a new mood for everyday bows. In addition, rich green goes well with both basic shades and more contrasting, rich colors (orange, yellow, red, purple, mustard, and so on).


Women's scarf Befree

A pastel shade for women will be a great addition to outerwear in light colors. For example, a pale pink scarf will organically complement a white or cream jacket. If you want to add bright accents, you can do it with a contrasting hat and bag in an unusual color.

Women's scarf Ruxara

A menthol scarf looks good with jackets in a sporty style, as well as with fur coats and a light Cheburashka fur coat. Support the look with a bold green beanie and accent bag.



Marc O'Polo Check Scarf

Plaid is a versatile print that never goes out of style. A stylish checkered scarf in neutral colors is a basic accessory that will organically fit into any style of clothing. You can wear it with a knitted suit, faux fur coat and rough boots, or integrate it with an elegant coat and a feminine midi dress.

Gant Check Scarf

Actual and bright large cell. This scarf will help you make a stylish accent in an autumn-winter look with a laconic oversized coat, puffy jacket or down jacket. Complement it with a hat of the same color as on the print of the scarf.


Stradivarius Stripe Scarf

Another ever-trendy print is the strip. Our first favorite is a cozy warm scarf with horizontal beige and green stripes. The model looks cool with beige coats, jackets of different colors, cropped sheepskin coats.We advise you to pair it with a monochromatic hat in the color shown on the scarf - you will get a harmonious duet of accessories for every day.


Women's scarf Fabretti

An interesting scarf with a geometric pattern. Ideal addition to a plain coat or jacket. Balance it with a minimalist hat without textured patterns and prints. If you want to combine a scarf with another printed thing, let them overlap in colors, and one pattern will be larger than the other. Then you will get a harmonious tandem that will not weigh down the image.


Women's scarf Vassa & Co

Scarves with inscriptions are still relevant. It is important that they are not too flashy. For example, it could be a black scarf with a minimalistic white lettering or logo. It goes well with an oversized down jacket, a coat and a cropped sheepskin coat. In order not to overload the image, select the rest of the accessories as laconic and neutral as possible.

Materials (edit)


12Storeez Cashmere Scarf

A cashmere scarf is one of your best fall / winter wardrobe investments. It is soft, non-electrifying, lightweight, warms well, does not become lumpy after a couple of weeks of wearing. If you choose a model of a universal color from high-quality materials, the accessory will serve you for more than one season. Suitable for elegant coats, and street-style down jackets, and daring sheepskin coats-aviators.


Wool Scarf & Other Stories

A women's scarf made of natural wool will also be a good purchase. It is long enough that you can wear it in many different ways. The scarf looks great with a coat, fur coats, puffy and leather jackets, sheepskin coats. As for other warm accessories, we advise you to choose leather gloves or mittens and a hat in a basic shade. The model is presented in four colors: black, gray, beige and camel.


Balmuir Mohair Scarf

This soft wool and mohair scarf is a warm and stylish accessory that will warm you well and protect you from the wind. The rich terracotta color will perfectly fit into the autumn-winter wardrobe. It goes well with black, burgundy, brown, sand, dark green and blue.


Mango Quilted Scarf

An unusual and stylish accessory is a puffy quilted scarf from a raincoat jacket. We have chosen a noble emerald color option. You can tie it around your shoulders over a coat or jacket, or wear it as a scarf. A puffy scarf will make the look more complex and interesting.

12Storeez Quilted Scarf

This puffy scarf will be perfect with a coat with a deep V-neck. Especially cool tandem - a scarf to match the coat. It can also be worn with quilted jackets or padded down jackets. We recommend complementing the scarf with a textured knit hat or knitted hood.


Regular fit

Barbour Wool Scarf

If you're looking for something simple and versatile, opt for a concise, fringed wool scarf in a regular cut. It suits any outerwear and is harmoniously combined with various headdresses - from a basic beanie to earflaps and a fur hat. Before buying, be sure to think about which jackets and coats you will wear a scarf with in order to choose the right color.


Women's scarf Massimo Dutti

Bulky scarves of dense knit remain in trend. Our pick is a fringed long plaid scarf that matches any outerwear. However, you should be careful with bulky scarves. For example, if you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, you shouldn't wrap the scarf around your neck several times. One loop will suffice. Conversely, if you need to add volume to the top of your look, an oversized scarf will do the job just fine.


Stole Mascotte

For elegant outfits, choose a laconic stole with a smooth texture. Throw it over your shoulders over your coat and secure one end to your shoulder. You can also tie it on your head, then it will immediately replace both the hat and the scarf. Prefer neutral color options made from quality materials.

What to wear with a scarf

Scarf and long coat looks

An oversized scarf is a great addition to a long, loose-fitting coat

An oversized scarf is a great addition to a long, loose-fitting coat.

For several seasons in a row, long wide scarves have not left the lists of fashion trends. Street style stars, for example, wear them with relaxed, off-shoulder coats, chunky city sneakers, or rough boots.The combination is ideal for those who prefer minimalistic, but at the same time interesting, dynamic images. A textured knit hat and a bag with a rigid frame will help structure the image.

Short scarf and classic trench coat or raincoat

Natural shades fit perfectly into the autumn-winter wardrobe

Natural shades fit perfectly into the autumn-winter wardrobe.

A short basic scarf will be a great addition to a classic trench coat, raincoat or coat. To make the bow look organic, choose shades of the same color scheme. For example, natural shades, basic, as well as pure saturated colors combine well with each other. The texture of the scarf is also important: if you wear it with a trench coat, then choose models from thinner materials, if with a coat, give preference to scarves made of textured yarn.

A scarf as an addition to a cardigan

A basic gray scarf can be worn not only with outerwear

A basic gray scarf can be worn not only with outerwear.

The fall-winter season is the perfect time for multi-layered looks. Fashion influencers tell us that a scarf can be used not only as an addition to outerwear, but also worn with a cardigan or sweater. Choose thin, short scarves. It's good if the scarf is the same color as the cardigan, but a tone lighter or darker - you get a stylish monochrome combination.

Oversized Scarf and Jacket looks

The plaid is one of the most relevant and fashionable prints of the season

The plaid is one of the most relevant and fashionable prints of the season.

A long oversized scarf will make the look with a jacket or down jacket more dynamic and complex. You can make one loop, wrap the scarf several times around your neck, or throw it casually over your shoulders. We advise you to pair it with a chunky knit beanie hat with a lapel.

Checkered scarf and fur coat looks

A color-block women's scarf will help to add brightness to the image

A color-block women's scarf will help to add brightness to the image.

A stylish idea for a cozy look for those who love comfort and relaxed silhouettes. Use an oversized sweater and jeans as a base under your coat. Round off the ensemble with chunky sneakers or chunky high boots and a small shoulder bag.

Scarf to match outerwear

A scarf to match the coat is a fashionable technique that is worth taking note of

A scarf to match the coat is a fashionable technique that is worth taking note of.

A laconic monochromatic scarf is the best completion of a monochrome look. Choose an accessory that is as similar as possible in color and texture to a coat, fur coat or jacket. This will visually extend the silhouette. To enhance the effect, complement the combination with matching trousers and shoes.

Stole with belt

With the help of a strap, it is easy to turn the stole into a dress

With the help of a strap, it is easy to turn the stole into a dress.

If you have a long wide stole in your wardrobe, you can easily turn it into a stylish cape with the help of a belt. Just throw it over your shoulders and tie it with a belt around your waist. In this way, the stole can be worn over dresses, jumpers, shirts or coats.

Long scarf and cropped jacket looks

A long scarf will add dynamism to your look

A long scarf will add dynamism to your look.

A short jacket paired with a long scarf will help to visually stretch the silhouette. Prefer solid color fringed scarves.

Bulky scarf and down jacket

Colored oversized scarf looks stylish with a cropped down jacket

Colored oversized scarf looks stylish with a cropped down jacket.

A winter down jacket is harmoniously mixed with a voluminous dense knit scarf. A textured knit hat and an accent pair of shoes will be a good finishing touch.

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