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+ 20 years old: fishnet tights and 7 more things that make you old
+ 20 years old: fishnet tights and 7 more things that make you old

Do you look older than your age? So, it's time to sort out the closet and throw out the things that add years to you.

+ 20 years old: fishnet tights and 7 more things that make you old

Fishnet tights, shapeless jeans and a few more things that turn you into an "aunt" - in our selection.

Fishnet tights


Fishnet tights - we say a firm "no" to them and we advise you to join the fashionable boycott. Tights with a pattern will not only throw you about twenty years old, but will also ensure the glory of a girl far from the world of fashion. Therefore, give preference to dense black or, if you really want variety, with a "pea" print.

Tweed suit

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Glory and other stars who became parents early

Nastya Slanevskaya became a star by accident. In 2002, director Sergei Kalvarsky noticed a girl at karaoke. So Anastasia turned into a singer Slava. At the age of 17, Anastasia Slanevskaya became pregnant. The father of Alexandra's daughter, Konstantin Morozov, was engaged in business, but he and Slava had different views on life. Soon after the birth of Sasha in 1999, the couple broke up, but Slava did everything possible so that her child did not need anything. Now Anastasia already has two children: the eldest Alexandra and the youngest Antonina, who was born in 2011 from businessman Anatoly Danilitsky. Young Sasha already has a serious relationship, but Slava is not afraid that her daughter will repeat her fate. The singer is sure that she will be a great grandmother.

Take your time to send your tweed suit to junk. First, pay attention to the model: a fitted jacket with pockets and a shapeless skirt will make you look like a school teacher, but a loose-fitting trouser suit in a masculine style, on the contrary, will help create a stylish look.

"Grandma's" bra


Beauty requires sacrifice - a motto that is outdated a long time ago. In modern fashionable realities, you do not need to make a choice between what is beautiful and what is practical and convenient. Down with stereotypes - choose new models of bras without wide straps and fasteners, which not only create an ideal breast shape, like a “grandmother's” bra, but also look sexy.

"Accounting" blouse


A fitted blouse with a lot of decor was popular in the days of our mothers, but now the ball is ruled by a loose shirt, which, by the way, looks even sexier than her “older sister”. Unbutton the two buttons on top, exposing part of the collarbone, or, if the dress code allows, pull on one shoulder - admiring glances of your colleagues are guaranteed to you.

Shapeless jeans


We know that finding the “right” model of jeans is not an easy task. But, believe me, all your efforts will be rewarded. Otherwise, a whole range of problems cannot be avoided (at least the sudden appearance of "extra pounds"). A win-win option - straight-cut mid-rise jeans.



Platform shoes or, more simply, "hooves" make any look heavier. Yes, and it is hardly possible to walk gracefully in them - any stone or bump on the way becomes a real problem. Why so much trouble? Pumps are a great alternative.

Jersey dress


A dress that looks like a bag for potatoes or a towel that you wrap yourself in when you get out of the shower will easily add not only a few years, but also a few kilograms to you. Replace it immediately!

Large jewelry with stones


A necklace or earrings with frighteningly huge stones can easily "kill" any image, easily turning you into a grandmother. A chain with a pendant and "carnations" in your ears will help you to avoid such a mistake.

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