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6 fashionable things to save on - we allocate the budget correctly
6 fashionable things to save on - we allocate the budget correctly

Following fashion is not a cheap pleasure. New trends require new investments, but we know how and on what you can save!

6 fashionable things to save on - we allocate the budget correctly
6 fashionable things to save on - we allocate the budget correctly

We have selected 6 fashion items of the season that you can save on by choosing budget brands!


Basic plain T-shirts - white, black and gray - are the wardrobe staples of any fashionista, regardless of her style. I dripped hot sauce on one T-shirt in a restaurant - easily replaced it with another, got soiled with foundation - repeated the same operation.

Basic T-shirts are not influenced by fashion, so they can and should be purchased, firstly, "wholesale", and secondly, at budget prices - spending a lot of money in this case does not make sense.

Office trousers

Looking for versatile black office pants? Pay attention to the offers of mid-range brands that combine a pleasant, reasonable price and good quality.

Better to invest in a "work" top - buy, for example, a top with an unusual print or a beautiful expensive blazer made of fine wool.

"Working" bag

Buying a "work" bag often turns into a real headache for women of fashion. But the situation is much simpler than it seems.

Instead of reinventing a fancy bicycle and trying to cram everything you need into a miniature messenger or looking for a ringing phone at the bottom of a trendy trunk for half an hour, just buy one high-quality leather tote bag. Characteristic features: discreet classic design, neutral color and lack of decorative elements.

Fashion sunglasses

It makes sense to invest only in sun-protection classics, be it the classic cat-eye shape or "aviators", in which, if you wish, you can go through your whole life.

But when round sunglasses in hot pink with polka dots appear on the list of trends, it is better to purchase this model from a mass market brand, so that then with a light heart, toss it into the far corner of the dresser.

Flat shoes

Basically, this point concerns ballet flats: shoes without a heel often lose their appearance much faster than a pair with a heel, platform or wedge.

Going on a hunt for new ballet flats, start your shopping raid with budget brands, gradually moving to more expensive ones.


Classic gray sweatpants, like the same sweatshirt, are basic things that look the same whether you bought them for 4,000 rubles or for 40,000.

Buy budget but high quality models - this is not the case when the brand plays a special role.

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