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Good Girl: 8 Signs You Look Bored
Good Girl: 8 Signs You Look Bored

The “good girl” style has already become the talk of the town - usually this is how girls who look frankly boring are characterized.

We decided to list the main signs of a "good girl" - check yourself!

You haven't changed your style since school


Once upon a time (I think it was still in the tenth grade) you decided that an obvious and simple, like five cents, set of dreary blue jeans and a faceless sweater is the best choice for every day. Or, for example, that only 50 shades of green suit you, and since then your wardrobe has been captured by this range.

The truth is that change is necessary, including your style - otherwise how will you know your hips look flawless in black high-waisted skinny skins, and the 70s floral print matches yours perfectly? curls?

You don't wear accessories for fear of looking vulgar


Continuing the same fear of fashion experiments - literally from your youth, you are firmly convinced that it is better to avoid accessories altogether than to once go too far with them and forever remain in the memory of others as the queen of bad taste.

We agree that it is not difficult to overdo it with accessories (even the stars sometimes sin with this), but in this case one of the fashionable rules of French women will save you - no more than three details in one image.

You never mix more than two colors in a look


Again the same "song": what if you turn into Petrushka ?! In fact, stylists around the world in unison oppose the horribly outdated myth about "no more than two colors in one image." Experiment and win!

You always fasten with all the buttons


Perfectly ironed clothes, sharp, like blades, arrows on the trousers, a shirt buttoned with all the buttons and in the appendage - hair-to-hair styling. Such diligence certainly deserves respect, but, unfortunately, not admiration - in the eyes of others you look … boring.

But no, we are not calling you to be sloppy - it is enough to add only a little thoughtful and deliberate negligence to your daily look.

Your bag and shoes are always the same color


Another fashionable stereotype, old as the world, about which it is time to forget completely and irrevocably - boring!

You buy only "classics"


And again the desire to protect oneself as much as possible from fashion failure, which, as a result, leads to this very failure. Today in the world of fashion eclecticism rules the ball, so do not be afraid to mix different styles - believe me, you will only win.

Sneakers - to the gym, under the dress - heels


Let’s repeat once again: you cannot find your unique style except by trial and error (that is, experiments). In addition, in our time, no one will look askance at the combination of a feminine "flying" dress and classic white "superstars" - it is stylish, modern and not boring. Go for it!

A girl must be a girl


To begin with, a girl, in principle, does not owe anything to anyone, so if you hate heels, dresses and "curls fluttering in the wind", but sincerely love the rock and roll style, rough boots, careless squares and leather jackets, then the choice is obvious. Internal (and external) femininity depends only on your sense of self, but not on clothes or hairstyles.

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