Not rivals? Joint exits of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle - who lost to whom?
Not rivals? Joint exits of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle - who lost to whom?

Despite the fact that both of our heroines married princes (who are, moreover, brothers), their further fate was different. Girls are constantly compared to each other, and society is literally divided into two camps, which cannot decide which of the two "princesses" is better. We will not undertake to judge the superiority of any of them, but we will provide such an opportunity for you. In this article, we have collected the joint ventures of the wives of British princes, and you vote, whose image seemed to you the most successful.


Restrained and sophisticated Kate compensated for her conservative outfit with color, but Megan, as usual for her, decided to score on the rules and traditionally went beyond the dress code. Total black, an unbuttoned coat, boots with a wide, gathered bootleg that extends behind the hem of the skirt, and a handbag of an unusual shape - the wife of Prince Harry has always had her own view of the royal style.

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Meghan Markle and other stars who live in luxury homes

Prince Harry and Meghan Mark settled in a luxurious mansion in California worth $ 14.5 million. Meghan and Harry's American mansions include 16 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, games room, gym, library and a private tea room.

A fitted floral midi dress versus white palazzo paired with a men's striped shirt - who will win this fight?

Who will you give the victory to? Kate Megan


The emerald green dress perfectly emphasized Middleton's brown hair and brown eyes. Still, the green scale is very much the Duchess of Cambridge. Megan again chose a white shirt, which this time she made friends with a pleated white floor-length skirt with an abstract print.

Whose look is better? Kate Megan


Delicate and sophisticated ladies! Kate opted for blue, but Megan preferred a dusty pink outfit.

Whose outfit do you think is more successful? Kate Megan


To soften the strict outfit, Kate opted for a soft blue shade of the fabric. A shallow V-neckline, an emphasis on the waist, and a slight flare are the basis of the Duchess's look. Megan dressed in her own spirit: open shoulders and a fluffy skirt are not boring, but at the same time very sophisticated.

Who are you voting for this time? Kate Megan


Kate chose a dark blue fitted coat with a flared skirt and a wide-brimmed hat, while Megan played in contrast, making friends with a black sheath dress with a straight white coat and an elegant beret.

Who did the better look? Kate Megan


English classics or new elegance? We look and cannot decide whose outfit we like more.

And what do you think? I'm for Kate! I choose Megan!


Both duchesses opted for rather bright outfits. Megan opted for white, while Kate opted for bright coral.

Who looks better? Kate Megan

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