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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: 5 favorite shows of Masha Weber
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: 5 favorite shows of Masha Weber

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia ended in Moscow a week ago, and we still can't take our eyes off the collections presented at it. There really was a lot to follow at Fashion Week: digital and physical collections, TikTok reality shows, sustainable initiatives. Among the guests of the event was Maria Weber, a blogger, influencer, founder of the Veber Swimwear brand, as well as a participant in the 8th season of the Bachelor show. She has been closely following the new designer collections and is now ready to share her opinion on her favorite designers of the new season.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia: 5 favorite shows of Masha Weber


Watching the show of the collection of the talented designer from the front row is a special pleasure. Models pass by you, carrying designer ones - no, not even garments - this is art, in such a more practical manifestation for us.

The presented most delicate collection is made of thin airy materials and is called "Shining". All dresses included in her really shine, as if decorated with small stars. The glitter, crystals, pearls and metallic prints that adorn the models are not only responsible for this shining cloud effect, but also the shimmering fabrics themselves.

I would wear these masterpieces created by the brand's designers to a galactic event or intergalactic party. And I also advise you to look at these dresses for those girls who are going to graduate school - they are both romantic and solemn at the same time.

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This show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is a kind of time machine that, in my opinion, was able to transfer all of us 50 or even 100 years back for 15 minutes, to another era, with its own characters, women and events.

The "A Room Of One's Own" collection is inspired by the personal archive of the English writer Virginia Woolf. In the products, the influence of images borrowed from the works and life of Virginia is noticeable. The selected colors and prints created for the collection embody the idea of ​​the writer's garden. A closer look at the collection also reveals various references to iconic symbols from iconic works by Virginia Woolf.

Here, the literary heritage merged with the visual reflection of art - such things always have their own character and are suitable for very extraordinary and bright girls.

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The designer duo of brothers Roman and Alexander Kim presented the Knight & Day collection this season, which raises complex philosophical questions about the concept of masculinity and femininity. The seriousness of the theme is emphasized by a dark, deep color palette. Night reigns here, dark shades and monochrome images. The used fabrics look heavy and reliable, like real knightly armor, which fully justifies the name of the collection.

Continuing the trend towards timeless looks (or maybe from another era?), INNOMINATE seemed to tell the story of modern chivalry - a place and time where both women and men can choose who they want to be today - a romantic person or a protector of the whole world?

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Institute of Business and Design

I like to be at the shows of design students - nowhere can you find so much creativity, unbridled freedom and the desire to embody all the beautiful, as here.

Within the framework of this Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia students of the Institute of Business and Design (B&D) demonstrated their works. And if at the previous screenings there was a feeling of a journey into the past - as if watching an old newsreel, but here it is, very close! - now we have turned 180 degrees and went far into the future.

Each of the young designers who took part in the creation of this composite collection tried to reveal their own vision of fashion. Here are collected interesting design solutions, all kinds of styles are combined and forms, textures and materials are intertwined. It is noteworthy that the authors most often used the method of deconstruction.Perhaps it is he who will be especially popular with the fashion designers of the future.

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The new collection of designer Alexandra Koryakina-Nikolaeva, presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, is called “I am Clean World”. According to the author's idea, people are drawn to beauty in the same way that flowers absolutely naturally reach for the sun. This comparison with flowers is expressed not only in silhouettes that are light as petals, but also in the original headdresses that look like buds. The palette also points to this beautiful metaphor. Shades of scarlet rose, yellow iris, light blue lily of the valley and white lily were used.

The collection includes cocktail dresses, bows for an evening walk along the embankment, and cozy winter sweaters, in which just to sit by the fireplace on a cold evening, with a cup of cocoa in hand.

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