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6 blunders every girl makes when choosing jeans
6 blunders every girl makes when choosing jeans

Here are some of the mistakes you shouldn't make when buying your perfect pair of jeans!

6 blunders every girl makes when choosing jeans
6 blunders every girl makes when choosing jeans

Fabric structure

You try on jeans, they fit perfectly, beautifully emphasize the curves of your body, you are joyful (you have found the perfect pair), you run to the checkout, buy, and after a few days they wear out and begin to hang down in the most unnecessary places. Familiar situation?

It is a fatal mistake not to look at the composition on the label. The most important element to look out for in this case is Elastane (elastane, also known as Spandex or Lycra). If it is in the composition (even 1%, usually it is present up to a maximum of 4%), then you should deliberately choose more tight-fitting jeans, half a size smaller - they are guaranteed to be carried in a few days.


Boyfriends or skinny jeans, or maybe classic straight or flared jeans. When choosing a model, it is important not only to follow the trends of the season, but also to take into account the features of the figure. For example, boyfriends make the lower body heavier. They should not be worn if you want to visually get rid of extra pounds with the help of clothes.


The fit (the level of the belt in relation to the hips) is of three types: low (at the hips), medium (just below the navel) and high (at the waist). And here again you cannot ignore the features of your figure. If you want to hide the tummy and emphasize the waistline, then choose a high waist.

The size

Jeans have their own size range. There are two numbers on the label. The first one indicates the circumference of the waist and hips, that is, the actual size, and the second - the length of the leg along the inside seam (it can be used to determine how tall the jeans are). To correctly identify the jeans that you need, study the table.

jeans size how to choose
jeans size how to choose


When trying on jeans, be sure to pay attention to the length: walk in them, sit down, and then get up. If the jeans go up too high and after you get up, you have to pull them down every time, then they are short.


The location of the pockets also determines how the jeans will look on you. For example, pockets that are far apart will visually expand the hips, while close-set pockets will make them narrow and deform. If you have large enough buttocks, we do not recommend choosing jeans with small pockets - against their background, your volumes will seem even larger. To make the fifth point seem more fit, choose jeans with high pockets. If they are low, we get the effect of "sad" buttocks. Another way to visually tighten the forms is to pick up jeans, the back pockets of which are slightly sloped.

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