Instead of a boring base! Top 10 most fashionable leather pants that will add style
Instead of a boring base! Top 10 most fashionable leather pants that will add style

Basic clothes don't have to look boring. In our material you will find 10 leather trousers for every day, which prove it with their example. We will tell you which models you should pay attention to, and what is the best way to combine them.


This model of trousers visually transforms the figure. A high waist and belt accentuate the waist, a chunky cut at the thighs and pintucks enhance the lower half, and tapered ankle-length legs visually stretch the legs. You can wear such trousers both with a tight-fitting and with a voluminous top, tucking the edge of the clothes into the belt.

Massimo dutti

This season brown is the new black, so if you are tired of total black and want to add something new to your look, feel free to rely on a rich chocolate shade.


Or try on an olive shade model. These trousers are completed with an elasticated waistband with drawstrings that adjust the fit, which is very comfortable. In addition, the lacing makes the model look more relaxed and serves as an excellent base for cozy walking looks.

Gerry weber

Ankle-length straight trousers look strict enough to go to the office, but at the same time, the unusual texture compensates for the excessive formality and makes the model more daring and interesting. In order not to shorten your legs, choose the right shoes for your trousers. The best solution would be ankle boots, the boot of which will go beyond the legs. This will avoid horizontal boundaries in this area and visually stretch the silhouette.


These trousers have everything you need to make your legs endlessly long. And the legs flared from the knee, and textured vertical stripes, and slits on the front legs. All of this together stretches the lower body and visually increases growth.

Vassa & Co

And one more cool bell-bottomed trousers with a fit on the hips. A great option for tall and slender. You can wear it both with heels and with rough shoes. But Thumbelina should be careful with this model - with a high degree of probability, a low landing will "eat" centimeters of growth.


Very cool light trousers, which we still see in cozy winter total looks. Complement them with a voluminous, warm sweater and a massive down jacket, as well as choose high, light lace-up boots. An excellent solution for those who are tired of dark, gray colors in their everyday wardrobe and want variety.

United colors of benetton

And here is an option for those who do not like wide-leg trousers and prefer models for a figure. At the same time, the trousers do not fit too tightly, which provides comfort in everyday wear. You can beat them both with sports or basic clothes, and more elegant things in the case when you need to assemble a set for the evening.


Wide trousers with pintucks accentuate the hips, making them more expressive, and against their background, the waist begins to look even thinner. The legs in such a model seem to be longer, even if you chose a pair at a low speed as a shoe.


Rounding out our selection are wide leg pants with straight long legs. You can play them in different ways in the image. Combine with a crop top and heels for a daring evening look. But a tandem with a soft oversized sweater and sneakers will help create a cozy atmosphere in your bow.

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