Top 10 cozy beige sweaters for the winter - choosing the best models
Top 10 cozy beige sweaters for the winter - choosing the best models

A sweater is the basis of a winter look, and if you choose the right model, you will always find an option with what to wear. In this article, we show 10 warm, soft, beige sweaters that are great for warming and go with everything.


The main advantage of the model is that it is made of cashmere and merino wool, which makes it soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Stand-up collar, long sleeves, rounded shape visually compensate for the volume and emphasize the fragility of the figure. The surface of the sweater is slightly fluffy, so pellets can form on it during wearing, but you should not be afraid of this, because they are easy to clean at home.

Wool me please

We are very happy when new cool brands appear on the fashion map of Russia. Wool Me Please was founded by Julia Mova, author of the Sale Me Please telegram channel. She focused on hand-knitted woolen items. So far, you can find sweaters and vests in the catalog, but the brand's assortment promises to be replenished.

If you are looking for a warm, voluminous sweater with an unusual texture, you can safely go to the Wool Me Please website and find something suitable there. For example, we looked at a model with a V-neck and large knitted braids.


Another brand that proves by its example that stylish things are produced not only in the West, but also in Russia. Studio29 is trend-driven, adapting them to the basic wardrobe. In the brand's catalog, you can find a lot of trendy knitwear, including a cool casual sweater. The model in the picture above is perfect for fans of volume. A massive collar looks very cool in it, as well as frequent fine knitting on dense yarn - it looks spectacular.


A basic oversized crew neck sweater for a cool base for your outfits. It looks appropriate both in strict business outfits and in cozy everyday sets. The model is made of cashmere, which makes it warm and pleasant to the body.


MIRSTORES sweaters are the warmest we have ever worn. They are comfortable even in severe frost, if you are constantly freezing, such a purchase will help solve the problem. The brand's catalog contains many different models that differ in length, fit, collar shape, viscous, colors. If you are looking for a base, we advise you to pay attention to sand-colored products - rich and calm, it fits perfectly into your everyday wardrobe.


We really like the color scheme of this model. A pleasant creamy shade visually softens the image and makes it even more cozy. The loose fit perfectly emphasizes the natural fragility - against the background of a voluminous thing, you will look even more feminine and slender.

Top Top

For something a little extra, check out this beige print sweater. The most fashionable version of the season is the strip. Watch how the lines are laid. It is important that they are not too frequent, as well as emphasize the dignity of the figure favorably.


The shade of the sweater is reminiscent of coffee with milk. Calm and gentle, it creates a cozy atmosphere. Perfect for every day and will harmoniously complement the look in any style.


To add a bold touch to your look with this sweater, you can tuck the sleeves slightly. And also as an accent, wear a turtleneck down in a contrasting shade. It will turn out bright and cool!


Side slits play an important role in this sweater. They not only allow the sweater to fit "as it should", but also visually stretch the silhouette, compensating for the volume of clothing and making the figure slimmer.

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