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They and us: what distinguishes our wardrobes from Italian, French, American
They and us: what distinguishes our wardrobes from Italian, French, American

Foreigners and Russians have something that distinguishes and unites us in terms of style. Designer Yana Nedzvetskaya talks about this in great detail.

They and us: what distinguishes our wardrobes from Italian, French, American

Foreigners dress differently from Russians. Designers say that women from Russia are easy to identify by their appearance. Russian girls have their own special style and image.

Yana Nedzvetskaya

Yana Nedzvetskaya designer, founder of LO and JN brands

"They ran after me to photograph my hair": how American women dress

About 15 years ago, when I lived and worked in the capital of Oregon, Portland, I was struck by American women. I worked in a company producing women's and children's clothing. It would seem, where, if not there, to see stylishly dressed women? But it never happened! 99% of women and girls dressed in rather nondescript T-shirts and chintz panties with elastic bands, which really looked like the family members of our grandfathers. I knew very well how people dress in Russia, and, despite the difficult times, most of our women managed to have beautiful outfits. They were in no way comparable to what American women wore.

Of course, I thought that I would come there as a poor Cinderella and study in the USA how to dress. Naive. Exactly three days later, the whole firm was already running around me, photographing my hair and torturing their hairdressers in Portland to do the same on their heads. I had a cardinal asymmetry.

And after a while, my new colleagues became interested in how girls in Russia dress. They also photographed my dresses - and ran to look for the same ones, now they are already naive. In America (in Portland, at least) there was nothing interesting in terms of clothing then and the shops looked sad.

How to dress in Russia

Foreigners are interested in how girls in Russia dress, and Russians want to know by what principle fashionistas of other countries form their wardrobe

But in terms of work - they gave me a hundred points ahead! Americans know how to work. They delighted me with the absence of mice on computers even then, with 10-finger touch-typing, even in blue-collar positions. Alas, this is unattainable in our country to this day. If they were impressed by the clothes of women in Russia, then I was impressed by their technical capabilities, which greatly simplified life and work.

America is mostly unfashionable country. As in Russia, all fashion is concentrated in one city, and its name is NY. The rest of America breathes in about fashion in Europe - just like us, it goes to Premier Vision, the world's premier fashion fabric exhibition. And no one there cares about how they dress in Russia.

Where are we and where is America? It's good that we are close to Europe, so we will compare the clothes of our girls with Europeans, and not with American women, who dress almost worse than Russians in general. But we are now approaching with leaps and bounds their "family members" and "tishotki". So it is not known whether they were lagging behind, or we were again running after them.

How to dress in Italy: a country where fashion is a fetish

If we are talking about fashion not on the catwalk, but about fashion on the streets of European cities, then, of course, we must start with Italy. In my opinion, fashion in Italy is the second religion after Catholicism. Fashion in Italy is a fetish that all Italians believe in, without exception. That is why our girls, of course, prefer Italian brands. Why? They are brighter, more effective and fit well in size for Russian figures. If you look at how women in Russia dressed in the 90s, then fashion trends of popular Italian brands could be traced even then. Women began to sew custom-made dresses with a batwing sleeve, which was one of the most fashionable styles in Italy.

How to dress in Italy

Italian street style is eye candy! Both women and men know how to dress in this country

And what is interesting, men in Italy dress much more interesting and fashionable than women. It is not difficult to understand how men in Russia dress - it is enough to see the assortment offered in stores and actually what men are wearing: shirts, Chinese T-shirts and jeans, classic trousers. Ah, those Italians macho in lightly striped linen trousers and unlined blue linen jackets! And under them - of course, without any print - white T-shirts made of thin cotton. Silk neckerchiefs can often be seen on older Italians. And every Italian will surely tell you that he was a model at Armani's shows! It is a pity that our men are still very far from such an impeccable style.

How to dress in Italy

How do they dress in Italy? So that I want to learn!

But do not flatter yourself! Everything has a downside. Italians, for example, are not particularly hard-working and like to sit around their wife's neck. And what about the Italians? Here the north of Italy is strikingly different from the south, especially from Sicily. Sicily is a separate country, and the Italians have been telling us about this endlessly. Sicily is not Italy, we were constantly warned by those who heard that we were going there. We were literally persuaded not to go there. Sicily is not about fashion! It's more about the aura of reckless idleness on the beaches, about graffiti to the rooftops and mountains of rubbish on the streets of Palermo. And here it doesn't matter whether you follow fashion trends, no one asks questions, but how, in fact, women dress in Russia or in Italy?

How to dress in Italy

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and the locals have developed a unique style of dress.

In Milan, they know how to dress in such a way that you look after beautiful Italians for a long time. And the beggars are begging in such clothes and with such an air that the impression is that they are doing you a favor, that they are asking you for money. Bus drivers in Milan look like runway models - always impeccable white shirts and ties, and their hair looks like it’s just from a stylist. How did you dress in 2000 in Russia? Or twenty years later? There is nothing close to the way the people of Milan dress. Unfortunately, the comparison is not in favor of Russian girls who prefer, though high-quality, but very simple and understandable clothes, rather than branded outfits.

Clothing of France: the fashion of this country came to Russia

What about France? It would seem that it was from there that fashion came to us, to Russia. Dresses brought from France, and not sewn by their own seamstresses, were considered the dream of every rich girl. How do teenagers dress in Russia? Unlike their parents, they follow fashion trends much more, and that is why the outfits of young people have a more European, "advanced" style and image. In my opinion, Paris has long given way to Milan in terms of fashion and trends. Most of the French women on the street are always dressed in boring gray polyester suits. And the same boring "boats" on their feet. France is definitely not an example for us.

How to dress in France

The French style today is no longer the same as in the 20th century.

How do they dress in Germany? Clothing style is far from feminine

Germany and fashion are incompatible things. How do women in Russia dress? A special distinguishing feature is femininity. Soft lines, long dresses, flounces, folds - all these details give the figure grace and elegance. Russian girls take advantage of this feature. But not women in Germany. And even brands like Hugo Boss, in my opinion, are masculine clothing, where everything feminine is etched away. In general, this is a characteristic German brand for women with big biceps and the absence of a husband.

How to dress in Germany

In Germany, dress is as neutral as possible, focusing primarily on convenience. Appearance is the tenth thing

All other European countries are famous for the lack of their own style of clothing and wear what the massive inexpensive brands offer them. With a few exceptions, of course.

How to dress in Russia

But in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia there are a lot of dandies and fashionistas

How to dress in Russia: the country is big, there are many styles

What do we have? We are very far from Milan. The style of Italians was developed by centuries-old traditions and the incredibly beautiful architecture and nature of this country. No wonder the best car designers are, of course, Italians! This is neither good nor bad for us. See how schoolchildren in Russia dress - the way their parents say. At the same time, the older generation can shape the taste and style of adolescents, depending on family cultural or religious values. Our huge Russia is a big cauldron of different nationalities and cultures, where each nationality has its own traditions. And Chechens will never dress like Russians, and Tatars - like Khakass, Chuvash or Bashkir.

how they dress in Russia

How do they dress in Russia? Even experts will not be able to comprehensively answer this question.

Therefore, talking about fashion in Russia is like talking about the inhabitants of the world's oceans, which are innumerable. And even the European part of Russia from Karelia to the Black Sea is a group with completely different preferences in clothing. Therefore, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question - how they dress in Russia.

How to dress in Russia

Russians and Russians are still looking for their own unique style

Clothing in Russia: talented designers have learned to follow global trends

The good news is that in Russia there are many talented designers and successful brands who are able, following world trends, to produce clothes specifically for our big country. Considering that in Russia there are much more women than men, our girls dress a little more interesting and bright than Europeans. I do not mean flashy images - high heels, sparkles and bright makeup on the streets of our cities have finally become a thing of the past. The clothes of girls in Russia have become more stylish.

But alas, boring uniform outfits from mass brands came, and our girls began to look like Scandinavians, which, alas, does not suit most types. Northern people dress incredibly boring and inexpressive, but they have completely different faces and a completely different mentality. I am sure that our special style should be at the intersection of Asian and European fashion, as it has always been in Russia.

Our country divides the world into Europe and Asia, so why don't we combine both traditions?

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