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Personal experience: how I began to dress when I moved to New York
Personal experience: how I began to dress when I moved to New York

Cosmo tells the stories of girls who have moved to a new country and have changed a little more than completely, including their style of dress. Today our guest is Evgenia Masyuta, a marketing manager, who two years ago decided to completely change her life and went to the Big Apple to meet with love. And with the fashion of New York.

Personal experience: how I began to dress when I moved to New York

How do they dress in New York? Do TV shows about heels lie? And what about popular films about sneakers and scarves? Read in the notes of our heroine.

Evgeniya Masyuta

Evgeniya Masyuta Marketing Manager

How I moved to New York

I moved to New York in September 2016, but it feels like a lifetime ago! The story of my move is rather commonplace, but very romantic. In 2015, I went on vacation, met with a former colleague who had lived here for several years, and, unexpectedly for myself, fell in love with a person with whom I once worked side by side in the same department. For almost a year we lived in two countries, but the capital of fashion New York is not the capital of fashion Paris, where you can fly on the weekend, tickets are expensive, the flight is long, so when the age-old question "To you or to me?" Without hesitation, I collected the acquired by overwork and the dog and bought a one-way ticket. We got married shortly after we moved. Happy end.

In general, I had love with the city and style of New York much earlier than with my husband. Back in 2011, when I first flew to a big city, right at the exit from the JFK airport, an incredible feeling came to me, as if I had returned home. They say about New Yorkers that they are born in all corners of the Earth, but as soon as they arrive here, they understand that this is their home.

how to dress in new york

Our heroine was very interested in the question of how to dress in New York when she was planning to move there.

In general, I had love with New York much earlier than with my husband. Back in 2011, when I first flew to a big city, right at the exit from the JFK airport, an incredible feeling came to me, as if I had returned home. They say about New Yorkers that they are born in all corners of the Earth, but as soon as they arrive here, they understand that this is their home.

"I would never wear real fur. Even in states where it is not banned, it can be judgmental."

How to dress in New York: locals vs locals

how to dress in new york

New York clothes are not designed in any one style, always in fashion - freedom of expression

The first thing that everyone pays attention to in the clothes of the Americans is the lack of "protocol". Here you can meet a man in a cowboy hat during negotiations, an elderly couple in shorts at the theater, a woman in a down jacket and ballerinas in winter, a boy in a princess dress, and you never know anyone else. People dress the way they want, or whatever they want, or whatever their wallet allows, and there is nothing wrong with that. Immediately you learn to perceive all manifestations of individuality normally. Of course, there are situations when it is necessary to adhere to the dress code, for example, during an interview, but most often people are very relaxed about their appearance - both their own and those of others. This is roughly what the style of New York looks like.

What is the difference between clothes in New York and clothes in Russia?

how to dress in new york

How do they dress in New York? Not at all like in Russia

Of course, girls in Russia dress more interesting, fashionable and brighter. They follow fashion trends, choose bows and are actively interested in fashion, as evidenced by the hordes of Instagram stylists.

How to dress in Russia

But they are more interested in trends, and American women are more interested in comfort and individuality. How do they dress in New York? If you look at men, American ones, as a rule, dress more interesting and neat (though not everywhere). In New York, for example, there are much more well-dressed and well-groomed men than on the streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg.Americans are more relaxed about any external manifestations, since it is not customary to meet by dress here.

New York Fashion: How My Style Has Changed

how to dress in new york

The climate and traditions of New York dictate their terms

  • Firstly, now I hardly wear heels. In a city where metro ventilation grilles are everywhere on the sidewalks, this is a rather desperate pursuit. If you need to be "on the parade", I just take them with me. And there were times when I ran on high heels on the ice behind the 27th tram.
  • Secondly, demi-season clothing appeared. In Russia, either a fur coat or a swimsuit. In New York, autumn is warm and spring is mild, so ankle boots with an open toe or a light anorak no longer look like an adventurous purchase. Fits in New York.
  • Third, bright colors began to fade. More and more, my wardrobe is becoming a mono unit. I have 5 white T-shirts (and about 10 black) and 3 jeans of the same model in different indigo shades. And these are all different shades, respectively, different bows!
  • Fourth, a lot of hats appeared: hats, fedoras, caps. I didn't really like that before, but everything changed in my style of New York.
  • And the last thing, things that I used to say: "Ugh, never!", Such as Birkenstock sandals, waist bags, white jeans and even (oh holy saints!) Leather trousers, make their way into the wardrobe without a fight!
  • I am now more open to different experiences, both in clothes and in everything. There is an opportunity to try popcorn with grasshoppers - you must try! (Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds tempting!)
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How New York style influenced me and what I would never wear now

Natural fur. Even in states where the wearing of natural fur is not banned, it can lead to condemnation. For a week in Boston, where the frost was below -30 C, I did not meet a single adult or child in a fur coat. Fur farms are being destroyed in America. Even down jacket companies that use natural fur to trim the hoods are criticized. I'll make a reservation right away, I don't see anything criminal in the fact that people in Russia wear fur clothes - they had several fur coats in their wardrobe. Firstly, this is dictated by the harsh climate in most of Russia, and, secondly, fur clothing at all times was considered a certain sign of social wealth and an integral part of Slavic aesthetics. I am not an ardent defender of animal rights, but products made from natural fur are a closed topic for me. New York clothes and real fur - no, it does not sound, and does not match.

Brands I Discovered in America


One of my favorite mainstream clothing brands is J.Crew. She was always a fan of her, brought things from American trips. Former creative director Jena Lyons, in my humble view, is a style icon, even if not only in New York, but in America as a whole. The brand has an ideal ratio of price, quality and design: not too pretentious, but not too simple, in all, even basic things, the idea is felt.

I really love dresses from the local indie brand Bohme in a romantic style. They are perfect with biker jackets and grunge-style boots.

how to dress in new york

Funny, but love with a stamp & Other Stories also happened to me in New York. I currently have five colors for their perfect basic sweater! Here I opened for myself Everlain and OAK, and quite local Lucky Brand, Chinese Laundry and Evoke vintage.

With jewelry, I never really got it right until I discovered a local brand. Jenny bird - perfect minimalistic rings, unusual brooches and accent earrings!

Clothes and New York: How My Outlook Has Changed

how to dress in new york

I arrived in the USA with a 36 kg shuttle bag, into which my wardrobe was carefully packed. After 2, 5 years, no more than 30% of things remained from him. The move influenced me - primarily as a person. Views changed, new habits appeared, old fears and worries disappeared (new ones appeared) and, of course, all this reflected on the style in my New York. I definitely began to pay much less attention to the form.


In the country of victorious consumerism, where the choice is simply gigantic, you somehow immediately begin to listen to yourself and ask the question "Do I need this?" Or I just, seeing something bright, listen to myself: I wanted to buy it? Quality and ethics are more important in the production of clothing than the brand. I absolutely do not care if I have worn this brand before, if they do not meet my standards now, how much they correspond to the fashion of New York, I will not buy them, no matter how attractive the design and price may be.

In general, in the USA, where you are not greeted by clothes, personal freedom is felt in a completely different way, especially in terms of style. Comfort and individuality come first. I can walk the dog in pajama pants and a ski hat almost in the center, and this is absolutely New York style, because it is so convenient for me, or run out for coffee with a friend in heels, because my soul asks.

About beauty habits

how to dress in new york

When it comes to makeup, the routine hasn't changed much: eyebrows, eyelashes, powder and lip gloss. Okay, more blush, but only if I have time! At the same time, I respect women who can come to work by 9 am from the other end of the city (no matter which one) with neat arrows, shadows and clear contouring (go and tonal basis have not been forgotten). Street magic of New York style!

American women, especially the generation of millennials who grew up on beauty bloggers, prefer brighter makeup: bold shadows (yellow, for example), bright coral lipstick shades, false eyelashes. You can say that makeup is worn in New York. Older women on my team - well-groomed skin, minimum make-up, red lipstick for going out.

how to dress in new york

In New York, they dress boldly

Many people experiment with hair color, and I do not mean the banal from brunette to blonde, but a full set of all colors of the rainbow. Here it is in the order of things: even in an office setting, you can find an HR with pink hair. Many people wear multi-colored wigs. Piercings are in fashion, I often see girls with septum, many have bright tattoos. In short, self-expression is in fashion in New York.

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