If the budget is limited: what clothes are worth spending money on and what not
If the budget is limited: what clothes are worth spending money on and what not

The stylist of Yesdress No Stress, the inimitable Stasya Kulbatskaya, tells you how to make a fashion estimate and understand if you can afford the shopping of your dreams.

Stasya Kulbatskaya

Stasya Kulbatskaya Stylist Yesdress No Stress

Hello beautiful people!

Today I'm a bore, so you're in math class! If you are not limited in your shopping budget, then this article will not be useful to you. For everyone else, I propose a rational shopping formula. Catch!

So let's take a look at a live example. You come to the store and see a suit "from the cover" - in dreams, having tried it on yourself, imagine how cool you will look in it in your gray office, besides, then you will go for a walk at lunchtime in the nearest cafe and meet that who will not be able to take their eyes off you, who will appreciate your style and chiseled figure … So, I digress. There is one nuisance: the suit costs (conditionally) 35 thousand rubles, and most importantly, objectively it costs so - both the material is cool, and the color is basic, it will not go out of fashion in a month.


In general, the price is not the smallest, so you need intelligence, not emotions. How to be? First of all, evaluate how the price of the item corresponds to the quality. Then figure out how fashionable / basic / seasonal the thing is. Separately think about whether this is another "five hundredth" suit that you want to buy, plus immediately figure out three or five sets of clothes and shoes with which you will wear it - ideally, so that it is combined with the most everyday things so that you can wear it him every day. Also, it should easily transform into something solemn.


We continue the calculations. Estimate how many things you need to buy for the season (we get away from emotional purchases if you don’t want to waste money, and then puzzle over what to wear; we strive for sets and purchases "according to the list"). Estimate the approximate budget for each purchase. Now comes the most important thing: prioritize this list. What is more important to buy now, what is secondarily, what we invest in a little more, what can be bought cheaper, because these things are more consumables (these will be T-shirts and tops, for example - they have a short lifespan, so investing in them is not very effective).

Everything! Now pure math for a suit that makes you salivate. How often will you wear this suit? (Do you understand that if you are a mom on maternity leave, but plan to go to interviews occasionally, you will need such a purchase a little later?)


Let's say you will use it once a week. Immediately estimate that in six months you will need to update your wardrobe (or in a year, here you can see how you feel and practice). 35 (thousand rubles): 24 (as many times in six months you will wear it) = 1,458 (rubles) per week this purchase will cost you. And here you have to measure your income / allocated budget for the entire list. And don't forget to weigh the priority of this purchase!

Well? Expensive? Here you have two paths. Invest your entire budget in a suit, and buy everything else next time and for now combine the purchase of your dream with the things you already have in your wardrobe. Or refuse such a purchase until better times.


And remember that any expensive item has a cheaper twin brother. Well, yes, perhaps from a different fabric and not so well-known brand, and you most likely will not be able to wear it for as long, but, on the other hand, we live in the era of fast fashion and sometimes investing money in clothes is, frankly, stupid - more cost effective in shoes and bags that are less prone to fashionable race.

Hope you find my calculation tips useful! Shopping for everyone!

Your Stasya Kulbatskaya

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