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Better give it to the enemy: 7 accessories to get rid of
Better give it to the enemy: 7 accessories to get rid of

Style coach Roman Medny lists everything that should be forgotten as a bad dream, or at least postponed until better times. We carry out a fashionable revision!

Roman Medny

Roman Medny Stylist, style coach

On the threshold of the new season, it's time not only to add something new to the wardrobe, but also to get rid of all that is superfluous. Most accessories live out of time and seasons, but some of them are not worthy of a second chance.

Shoes and bags with fur

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All kinds of Fendi handbags, Gucci mules with a fur insole, Minna Parikka sneakers with a hare's tail … Things with fluffy details have been loved and worn for too long.

Fake accessories based on well-known it-things look ugly, especially ridiculous - in the summer. If you have something like that - get rid of it without regret. Or put it aside on the far shelf.

Combination shoes + socks


The trend has become obscene. What takes place in the chronicles of street style and looks good in the photo does not always work in everyday life. Sometimes this combination can look good (usually when it comes to sandals), but in most cases with classic pumps it is boring and irrelevant.

You can wear it, but you need to subtly feel the moments in which the solution will work.

Aviators with mirrored glasses


The number of colored mirrored glasses is off the charts. Everything is bad if they look like in the photo. Or in any other way.

Watch with a large elegant dial


Purity of lines, thoughtful details, complexity in simplicity - all this has nothing to do with lurid watches with a large dial. The brightest signs of "handsome men" that you need to forget about: stones, ornate patterns, predatory motifs and exotic leather together.

The price category in this case does not matter. Even an expensive watch in this design looks cheap. Get rid of them as soon as possible!

Large necklaces

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Heavy necklaces with many stones, chains and other adornments said goodbye to fashion a few seasons ago. They do not plan to return yet.

Minimalism and boho are still in trend. But you can feel the difference.

Ear cuffs with stones

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A beautiful decoration, but everything has its time! Original models can be used on special occasions, but for every day - definitely not worth it.

Do not throw away the former beauty, but preserve it until better times.

Wedge Sneakers


Gone out of fashion without promising to return. In some cases there is a platform if it is a stylish quote from the 90s, but a wedge is not. We forget, like a nightmare, the hit-style models from Isabel Marant and hope that sooner or later they will completely disappear from the streets of our cities.

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