It didn't get better! What the bodies of women who have lost 50, 100 and even 150 kg look like
It didn't get better! What the bodies of women who have lost 50, 100 and even 150 kg look like

In some cases, losing weight is far from a complete victory over your imperfections. When it comes to turning a crumpet into a spectacular reed, you will also have to solve problems with saggy skin, which, unlike fat, does not disappear anywhere.

It didn't get better! What the bodies of women who have lost 50, 100 and even 150 kg look like

Stories about how overweight women overcame themselves and lost 30, 40, 50, or even almost 100 kg are always admirable. Often, thanks to this, built beauties become famous bloggers or even begin to write books and publish courses in which they share their secrets to achieve such a phenomenal result.

And yet it should be understood that such a colossal weight loss does not bring the long-awaited relief. Of course, now these women have access to the same clothes that others wear and no one else shames them for being overweight. But their bodies are still far from ideal, or at least a healthy norm.

Alas, neither sports, nor proper nutrition, nor careful beauty treatments can prevent the appearance of saggy skin. Year after year, she slowly adjusted to the growing body shapes, but the skin simply does not have an inverse function. At least when it comes to such dramatic transformations.

Due to the numerous folds of skin, women who have lost weight are embarrassed to show their bodies and wear revealing clothes. And they are saved only by self-acceptance or modeling plastic, which costs a lot of money and often requires additional manipulations.

So, American Ceara Dowell at some point even decided to give up losing weight, realizing that weight loss does not bring beauty to her body. At 25, the girl weighed about 160 kg, today she has lost more than 90 kg from this figure!

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To undergo an abdominoplasty, Ceara had to announce a fundraiser on the Internet - she did not have such a large amount. Today, the body of an American woman is still far from ideal and covered with scars after excision of excess skin. The girl will probably need to go under the knife again in order to finally adjust her shape. If, of course, it is possible at all.

But the British Tory White, who lost about 50 kg, does not even think to get rid of the folds and stretch marks that have appeared. Previously, she was very shy and retouched imperfections in the photo. But now it's the other way around. Tori even plans to participate in a beauty pageant and prove that girls with such an unusual figure as hers are worthy of becoming models and beauty queens.

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In some photos, the body of American Lexi Reed looks unrealistic. This effect is created by extra skin, which she simply has in excess, because the girl has lost almost 150 kg. And 10 of them fell only on the skin, part of which had already been removed during the first tightening. At least one more operation is next in line, and maybe more. And Lexi decided on them to a greater extent because of the state of health, not beauty.

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“Yes, I knew my skin would sag. But I never thought that because of this I would not be able to train the way I want. Due to sagging, my neck ached, posture disorders arose. Of course, I was afraid of the operation. But even more so, what harm it can do to health,”shares the built-up American woman.

Unlike other phenomenally thinner heroines of our collection, Australian Simon Anderson underwent not only skin tightening operations, but also the removal of the part of the stomach responsible for feeling full and appetite levels. And over the past year since that moment, the woman has lost about a hundred kg!

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As you can see, Simon's bust area suffered most of all due to weight loss - as well as the buttocks. And along with abdominoplasty, the Australian woman performed lipomodelling of the "fifth point" several times and corrected her breasts with the help of implants. Without this, she would hardly ever be happy with her body.

Another atypical example is the story of an American woman named Britt.Since childhood, she was predisposed to be overweight, but tried to control her weight. However, after the birth of two children, her figure has changed forever, and her weight has reached a critical mark - 150 kg.

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First, Britt underwent surgery to truncate her stomach and went on a strict diet. And then she even managed to become a mother for the third time! And it was after the birth of the youngest child that she realized that she wanted to have a slender figure, and not a huge apron of excess skin around a body that had lost almost 80 kg. In a short time, the American woman underwent several skin tightening and is planning more transformative surgeries in order to forget about her previous torments forever.

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