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Unfavorable angle: stars that are systematically poorly photographed
Unfavorable angle: stars that are systematically poorly photographed

They all have bad shots, but these stars have more than usual. Why? They systematically choose the wrong angle!

Scarlett Johansson

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Smiling, Scarlett purses her upper lip. It is these pictures that can most often be seen after social events and events. But a soft smile suits her much more!

Jennifer Lopez

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Pursing his lips, Jay immediately "throws" himself a few years. It's a shame she does it so often.


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With an open smile, the singer looks amazingly good! And if you close your lips, your nose suddenly feels too big.

Polina Gagarina

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Polina Gagarina and other stars who have lost a lot of weight during their career

Polina Gagarina, whose fragility and thinness have already become her hallmark, was also not always so slim. At the beginning of her career, when she participated in the "Star Factory" Polina looked completely different, and she managed to lose weight by as much as 40 kg thanks to a special diet. You need to eat rice for three days, chicken for three days, and vegetables for three days. Plus, completely exclude flour from the diet, drink one and a half liters of water every day, and after six in the evening close the refrigerator with a lock (in the sense, not eat at all). It took her six months to bring her body to perfection.

You can't spoil Polina's appearance, she is an incredible beauty! But if she looks past the camera, the facial features appear to be noticeably asymmetrical.

Lindsey Lohan

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The early wrinkles are especially noticeable if Lindsay laughs her head back.

Eva Green

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As good as an actress is in profile, it is so difficult to find a successful frontal shot.

Cindy crawford

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Lately, Cindy has come to love taking pictures with a serious face. And at once all 50+ years became obvious … And worth a smile!

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