Forgetting Can't Be Repeated: Celebrity Hell Nails
Forgetting Can't Be Repeated: Celebrity Hell Nails

Stars wouldn't be stars if they had enough standard methods of self-expression. Crazy wigs, makeup and manicure are also used. Models, singers and bloggers queue up with masters who are ready to fulfill even original and extravagant fantasies in nail design. We have collected 10 of the strangest options. By the way, there are Russian celebrities on the list too!

Forgetting Can't Be Repeated: Celebrity Hell Nails

Victoria Kuznetsova

The finalist of You Are a Top Model on TNT is known for her passion for weird and sometimes intimidating nail designs. Just look at this one! There are handcuffs, and something that looks like alien tentacles, and a baby figurine … In a word, a real phantasmagoria. We understand that Vika, apparently, is trying to match the role of the "abnormal model", but still such nails are too much.



The shocking Instasamka was recently forced to abandon the mega-claws, because one of the marigolds painfully broke off during household chores (which is not surprising given such a length). But after a while, she returned to her trademark form! Well, only experience teaches, and we hope that the girl will be neater in the future, but for now we ask her to wash off this pink shade reminiscent of a Barbie doll and children's toys.

Image Image

Kylie Jenner and other stars who have lost a lot of weight during their careers

Kylie first became a mother in 2018. Jenner almost never went out, being pregnant, as she was unhappy with her appearance, she gained 25 kilograms. But immediately after giving birth, Kylie began to lose weight and regained her pre-pregnant form. To do this, the star had to train five times a week for three hours and count calories, the number of which should not exceed 1000.

Nastya Ivleeva

The case when, in pursuit of originality, you went too far with creativity. Nastya wanted to be in the spotlight on her birthday, and she succeeded. Feather nails, corkscrew nails … And that's not all. Of course, I want to look at such a manicure, but let it remain only on the catwalk and high-profile celebrities.


Cardi B

The singer's bright green nails resemble, at best, grasshoppers, and at worst, poisonous tropical insects. Such associations strain us, but what about you? If you want extreme, then you can play pranks on Halloween, but in ordinary life such a manicure looks inappropriate.


Katya Kischuk

We would like to say to the girl: "Katya, don't you see that your nails look like the palette of a stylist obsessed with science fiction and horror films ?!" We would understand if one or two nails were accent, but then everything is different!


Megan thee stallion

I wonder if Megan loves chess or racing more? Although no, she can be interested in anything, but what her nail stylist was inspired by, we are really curious. The manicure itself is done neatly, and there is nothing to complain about, but it looks like you don't want to repeat it.


Nicki Minaj

Caramel and sweets can be predatory and dangerous too! At least that's how we read Nicki Minaj's "nail message". Okay honey, we'll be very, very careful and advise other cake lovers to choose more delicate nail designs.


Gwen Stefani

Gwen, like Megan Thee Stallion, is imbued with checkered nails. And she went even further: adding a classic red color. What? Rhinestones? Okay, let's not quibble. But we admit: it looks bloodthirsty.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is always experimenting with nails, but she misses every time. She almost never has a normal and "wearable" manicure. Let's take this option: everything seems to be fine, but why decorate EVERY nail with a pattern ?!


Demi Lovato

But Demi Lovato turned her nails into a political platform. We support the expression of citizenship, but it can be done in a more familiar way.All the same, at a distance of more than half a meter, the letters will not be visible, but will simply seem like dirt and blurry spots.

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