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From epilation to big lips: what procedures beauticians never do for themselves
From epilation to big lips: what procedures beauticians never do for themselves

In cosmetology, new procedures are constantly appearing that promise a wow effect. But some of them themselves experts, despite numerous rave reviews, bypass. And that's why.

From epilation to big lips: what procedures beauticians never do for themselves

In fact, in addition to helping clients, another important task of beauty professionals is to sell their services. And if the cosmetologist is only concerned about the material side of his work, he will actively recommend everything to you. As you understand, this is dangerous not only for your wallet, but also for your face. There is no guarantee that inappropriate or questionable treatments will not aggravate your skin condition!

Fortunately, good always triumphs over evil. There are much more respectable cosmetologists than "businessmen". And many of them are ready to talk openly about what procedures can turn into a risk, and also why they will never do them for themselves. Read more about what services you should forget about!

Maria Gershberg

Maria Gershberg dermatologist-cosmetologist, leading specialist of the family clinic chain

Aggressive chemical peels


We are talking about such peels as phenolic and TCA (trichloroacetic acid). Such peels almost completely destroy the skin. It is due to this that radical rejuvenation is achieved. The acid content in them is very significant: this figure reaches 40-50%! Depending on the individual's characteristics, the skin can react to them in different ways. In addition, the process of acid penetration into the integument is uncontrolled. The result of such procedures can be scarring, and such that it can disfigure the face, harm the eyes, etc.

Today there are many other more gentle peels. They are selected individually for each case.

In this article, you can learn about the best peeling options that you can do yourself at home.



According to statistics, electrolysis is the most dangerous cosmetic procedure today. Electric wave hair removal is a cruel procedure in itself, and not everyone can withstand it. And in inexperienced hands it is very dangerous! It can lead to the formation of scars, age spots. Everyone probably knows about the painfulness of the procedure. It is better to choose the safest option - laser hair removal.

Injection lipolysis - Lipodissolve


Another name for this method is non-surgical liposuction. Fat deposits are "dissolved" by special injections. A substance that accelerates metabolism is injected under the skin, after which the split fat is absorbed into the bloodstream and then neutralized in the liver. This is a theory, as experts say.

But the truth is, injections often include substances that have not been approved by international health organizations. Foreign experts consider injection lipolysis to be extremely dangerous! In addition, the studies that have examined the effect of the method can be counted on one hand. Their data is not enough to draw final conclusions about the procedure.

In addition, it was noticed that this procedure was performed abroad by unskilled surgeons (and even dentists!), Which greatly increased the risks of an unfavorable outcome.

Lip augmentation with biopolymer gels


The harm and danger of biopolymer gels have long been disclosed, but they are still popular because of their attractive prices. The substances contained in such gels do not dissolve and do not come into contact with the body, which is the danger of their use.

Being in the body independently and autonomously, they can create serious problems. For example, move beyond the contour line, cause an allergic reaction, disrupt the natural shape of the lips.For a long time they were replaced by gels based on hyaluronic acid, which are absorbed in the body and cannot cause such significant harm.

Even the stars burned on low-quality lip augmentation. See in this collection how they looked at such moments.

Irina Starostina

Irina Starostina cosmetologist, director of Sweet beauty salon

Reduction of the nose with cosmetic injections


We are talking about diprospan - the strongest hormonal drug, which is primarily used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. In cosmetology, he appeared with the filing of experimenters, who did not even imagine what consequences the use of the product would entail. Diprospan destroys cartilage tissue. You can generally be left without a nose!

Introduction of substandard injectables


Never, never even look this way! You cannot save on injections, even if the beautician assures that the effect of the contents of the ampoule is the same as that of the one that costs much more. Subcutaneous drugs must be tested and certified. Also, I am always wary of new products, as it takes time to determine how the drug will be excreted, what complications are possible.

Extension of eyebrows


I don't want to talk a lot about this procedure. Fortunately, it did not become a trend. And the result looked very doubtful.

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