Lips TP-69: bypass the side of the master who will offer you this
Lips TP-69: bypass the side of the master who will offer you this

Unfortunately, the market for clandestine cosmetology in Russia is only growing every year. And the "development" of pseudo-cosmetologists is always frightening. The next step is their new brainchild - inverted lips.

Today, going to a beautician is a kind of "Russian roulette". In one case, everything can go well, and in the other it can end in the most tragic way. And yes, here we mean many terrible options at once: from tissue necrosis and blindness to, in fact, death.

This is because a gang of "black cosmetologists" has been operating in Russia for several years now. You probably understand what we are talking about now, but just in case, let us remind you: some people who themselves do not have a medical education, suddenly decided that they could teach other people, without the slightest competence, to work with complex apparatus and a needle. After all, according to them, it is so simple! And insanely profitable - now every second person dreams of pumping lips or getting rid of wrinkles.

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By the way, about the lips. It is believed that it is by working with this part of the face that an incompetent specialist can be calculated. "Black cosmetologists" do not know how to maintain the harmony of faces. They are not characterized by accuracy and adherence to clear safety rules. That is why, in the end, their patients go out into the world with dumplings instead of lips. And it's good if with dumplings, and not with a terrible allergic reaction and injured nerve endings!



However, if you do not want to judge a specialist solely by the picture (although in fact it is worth doing), you can pay attention to the hashtags that he puts under his works. For example, a funny combination # tp actually hides hundreds of thousands of pictures with lips that can hardly be called transformed. Although, the taste and color, of course …

The “TP lips” technique is the main pride of “black cosmetologists”. Or rather, their self-taught leader Emelyan Braude - we have already talked about this dubious character in detail.

The name "TP lips" is inspired by the female genital organs. Like, the lips should become as juicy and tight as something else. It seems to us that even such an approach to the choice of the names of working methods should be alarming. But judging by the flow of people who wish, this does not stop many women, but only amuses.

By the way, it was one of Braude's students who developed another sensational devil's lips technique. Fortunately, she did not enter the circulation, but she still managed to mutilate someone - after all, after this, the lips will never become the same!

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Now a new trend has replaced all the past horrors. Namely, "lips TP-69". Their name, as you know, is also inspired by erotic moments.

What is "TP-69"? And it's very simple - these are inverted lips … No, no, you don't need to sew on or sew on anything. The masters simply take and inject hyaluron-based preparations into the lips. But not in an adequate amount, which does not change the contour and shape of the lips, but in excess, in order to turn the upper lip into the lower one and vice versa.

It is not known for certain who exactly invented to change the shape of the lips in this way. Most likely, everything happened in the same way as with the "devil's lips." From time to time in the "Braude sect", as this community on the Internet is called, contests for the most unusual works are held. Here is some craftswoman and managed to surprise her colleagues in madness.

However, some Internet users do not believe that TP-69 lips actually exist. They think it's just a retouched photo to grab attention - and new customers! But can this really seduce anyone?

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