Waiting for: cool beauty bestsellers with a big discount
Waiting for: cool beauty bestsellers with a big discount

Each brand contains products that have not given up their positions for many years - and this has earned authority. We have great news: we found beauty bestsellers at a discounted price until February 2nd. This is a great chance to sample a great product or replenish your supplies.

Bb creme clair

All of the world's leading makeup artists strive to maintain skin texture while doing makeup. Great trend! To do this, you need to use a light toner: it will help even out the tone and give the complexion a radiance. You will see, with BB Creme Clair you will get an instant natural effect. By the way, pay attention to the presence of a sun protection factor - here SPF 20.

La vie est belle

Do you like a feminine sweetish scent? Then La Vie Est Belle is definitely your option! The composition opens with a fruity duet of pear and black currant, followed by a floral bouquet with notes of jasmine, iris and orange blossom. Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention sweets - vanilla and praline are clearly heard in the trail.

Meteorites perles

Firstly, it is very beautiful, and, of course, convenient! In 1987, the Guerlain brand launched a loose powder in the form of multi-colored balls - it is they who even out the tone and give the skin a radiance. One stroke of the brush is enough for this, so this tool will definitely serve you for many years. Nice bonus: Meteorites Perles "accompanies" the delicate aroma of violets.

Pate Grise L'Originale

True Sos: For 70 years, this paste has been helping to get rid of acne. Use it at night: spread the mass locally for inflammation and cover with a plaster so as not to stain the bed linen. The active ingredients in Pate Grise L'Originale reduce irritation and control excess sebum.

Addition concentre eclat

In order to get a tan, it is not necessary to go to hot countries, especially since being under the active sun is dangerous for the skin. The simplest option is self-tanning. But we found something better: a tinted concentrate will help you achieve a natural, even shade. Add a few drops to the body cream (you can adjust the intensity of the "tan" yourself).

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