Myth or truth? Strengthened the back - said goodbye to wrinkles: expert opinion
Myth or truth? Strengthened the back - said goodbye to wrinkles: expert opinion

There is so much information on the Internet that at some point you simply do not understand who to trust. Quite recently, we came across this statement: by correcting your posture and removing the load from the spine, you can forget about the wrinkles on your face. " And we wondered if this was true or just another myth.

Myth or truth? Strengthened the back - said goodbye to wrinkles: expert opinion Maria Bondareva

Maria Bondareva dermatologist, cosmetologist at Remedy Lab clinic

“Taking care of your back will get rid of wrinkles” is not quite the right connection. By strengthening your back, working with posture and relieving the neck-collar zone, lowering your shoulders and relaxing them with the help of massages, you will get a state in which the vertical axis of the body will really be better, and the spine is smoother and healthier, which will remove some of the wrinkles. Indeed, the face is quite often in a spasm along with the collar zone, and the reason for this is the wrong position of the body.

Before injecting injections, including Botox, you need to work with posture, align the body with the osteopath, go for a massage. It takes time. As a rule, a woman comes for a momentary result, and this does not contradict our work. Usually I tell you where this or that wrinkle came from: mimic (from excessive facial expressions) or sleep wrinkles, since you sleep on this side. Through injections, I help reduce the appearance of these wrinkles.


Back work is a basic activity that everyone should do, especially after 30 years. However, back problems are not always reflected on the face, because wrinkles are of a different nature. For example, we cannot do anything with wrinkles that arise from a violation of the quality of tissue.

Any work with the back (movement, exercise, drainage) is good for fluid drainage and helps to reduce the severity of edema. And with reduced swelling, the face looks much better. Very often I notice in my patients a spasmodic neck-collar zone, a stooped back - a consequence of working at a computer and insufficient physical activity. Very often the neck muscles take on the load, and it becomes tense, pulls the oval of the face and aggravates ptosis. If the lower part is tense, then the upper frontal part of the face is tense according to the functional connection. It is very common for people with forehead wrinkles to see a spasmodic neck. If you want to relax these areas, you have to start by relaxing your back."

Valery Kramar

Valery Kramar, neurologist, chiropractor, osteopath at the clinic Dr. Kramar

General muscle tone spreads tone throughout the body, and most importantly, correct muscle tone ensures good microcirculation. In turn, good microcirculation eliminates venous-lymphatic stasis, which has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body.

How does this happen?

The muscles of the back provide a direct connection with the muscles of the neck and face, in connection with which it can be said that the correct position of the neck and thoracic spine, as well as the correct functioning of the muscles of the cervical and thoracic regions, ensure the correct functioning of the facial muscles. The correct tone does not give reasons for the formation of venous-lymphatic stasis.


Why should you pay special attention to venous-lymphatic stasis?

The fact is that any stagnation creates tissue compaction, which is accompanied by the appearance of edema, which negatively affects the aesthetic aspect of our life.

Is this a long-term effect?

The effect is durable if there are regular gymnastics in life and sufficient attention is paid to the condition of the cervical and thoracic spine. To feel the effect of gymnastics, you need a sleep regimen: at least 7-8 hours and always on a high large pillow, at least without it.

It is important to remember that training is the key to success, because it is regular sports that affect the tone of the muscles that are important to us. Training is not only exercises with the muscles of the face, but also the body, since they are synchronously connected with the muscles of the face.

It is worth paying attention to the symbiosis of exercise and your diet, which has an equally significant effect on the condition of the skin.

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