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How to narrow enlarged pores without cleansing your face: beauty hacks from a beautician
How to narrow enlarged pores without cleansing your face: beauty hacks from a beautician

Enlarged pores and blackheads are problems with which we most often run to cosmetologists. Or we massively rake out any cosmetic jars from the stores that promise cleansing "to a squeak." We asked an expert to tell you what will actually help you get even skin. And without expensive professional procedures!

How to narrow enlarged pores without cleansing your face: beauty hacks from a beautician Olga Petrunina

Olga Petrunina, esthetician cosmetologist, home care specialist

Where do blackheads come from?

Our skin type, like the color of our eyes or hair, comes from our parents, it is determined genetically. In adolescents, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. So there are skin problems and the notorious blackheads.

In the enlarged pores, a sebaceous plug accumulates. Its top oxidizes, stains from make-up and environmental products and turns black.

Some skin problems may become more apparent depending on the season and weather conditions. Typically, blackheads and oily sheen are exacerbated by heat.

Alas, you will never be able to get rid of blackheads once and for all. But it is important to regularly, correctly and delicately cleanse the pores, and then the skin will be in good condition. I will explain the correct ways.

But first, let's talk about the mistakes that each of us makes.

Face cleaning. Extrusions, as a rule, provoke the expansion of the channels, and the pores eventually become even wider.

Self-extrusion of inflammation, without observing safety rules.

  • Aggressive grooming. Do not use "harsh" cleansers, alcohol-based tonics and scrubs - especially those with natural particles (such as ground seeds or coffee beans).
  • Forget about home remedies! Peeling from soda, coffee, a solution of enterosorbents, antiseptics, and so on - these funds are definitely not for problem skin.
  • Ignore the various brushes and scourers for "deep cleansing". This injures the skin. We don't brush the leather of the sofa, do we? Even the softest - rubber or silicone - seriously injure the skin.
  • In addition to the fact that these methods do not help, they also harm the skin, injure it, lead to a state of hypersensitivity and provoke rashes.

How to deal with blackheads?

It is important to cleanse your pores regularly, correctly and gently.

  • If you use foundation, powder, blush and other makeup products, these products must be removed with a special makeup remover. Regular gel, foam, cleansing milk will not cope with them! You will need a make-up remover: micellar water, hydrophilic oil or a two-phase product. But it is also important to wash it off with the next stage of washing!
  • Cleansing the skin should be clearly regular - 2 times a day. Choose what you like best: gel, foam, milk, washing powder. But then don't forget to rub the tonic on your face!
  • Another important step is exfoliation. It should be done once a week. Use a gentle exfoliation (enzymatic or enzymatic) instead of scrubs and brushes.

If the upper stratum corneum is not regularly exfoliated, then visually blackheads become larger. This layer of dead cells forms a "crater" around the pore, visually enlarging it.

Also, you can connect to the care products that work with enlarged pores, narrow them. Cream, serum, lotion, mask, and, of course, a couple - face wash + tonic.

In the composition, you should look for peptides that improve complexion, lactic or mandelic acid, niacinamide, complexes that work with pores, for example, with an extract of ripe rosehip fruit, which is rich in tannic polyphenols and has an effect on all factors that lead to the expansion of pores: it has an astringent and sebum-regulating action, regulates keratinization, increases collagen synthesis and skin elasticity, absorbs excess sebum and mattifies.

It is important here to choose the right complex, and not just one "magic" remedy. And it is important not to dry out the skin. Of course, it is best to get a professional to deal with the problems of enlarged pores and blackheads.

Hyaluronic gel-foam for washing Skin Naturals, Garnier (231 rubles)

Hyseac Cleansing Toner

Perhaps this basic and popular cleanser will never lose its relevance. Foam gel gently acts on the skin, but at the same time intensively cleanses the pores, removing excess oil and impurities.

Cleansing foam cream for normal to dry skin Doux Nettoyant Moussant Hydratant, Clarins (1350 RUB)

Hyseac Cleansing Toner

A rich foaming cream rich in natural plant extracts and squalane. This moisturizing ingredient works to keep the skin clear by protecting the face from limescale impurities in the water.

Cleansing gel against imperfections Age-Purify Clea, Filorga (2312 rubles)

Hyseac Cleansing Toner

This tool is ideal for pronounced enlarged pores - and with age-related manifestations. The gel not only delicately but also deeply cleanses. It gives the face a smooth appearance without disturbing the balance.

Cleansing tonic Hyseac, Uriage (1048 rubles)


The tonic is saturated with a whole complex of highly effective acids (glycolic, malic, lactic) and ideally complements the cleansing part of your daily care. At the same time, it cannot be called tough. It gently acts on imperfections, mattifies, tightens pores and improves the overall structure of the skin.

Exfoliating essence My Payot Peeling Eclat, Payot (2450 RUB.)

My Payot Peeling Eclat Exfoliating Essence

If you don’t like hard peeling, you need this product! Essence based on citrus fruits gently removes the skin from the stratum corneum and stimulates renewal. And, importantly, it is suitable for daily use!

Sebum-regulating serum with niacinamide 20%, Art & Fact (1390 rubles)

Sebum regulating serum with niacinamide 20%

Following the advice of a beautician, we recall the benefits of niacinamide. Its high dosage not only soothes the skin, but also helps reduce sebum production. Other components from the serum only strengthen the effect of the "protagonist": green tea evens out skin tone and improves metabolic processes, and panthenol powerfully moisturizes the face.

Serum-peeling for skin renewal with 6% content of AHA-acids NovAge ProCeuticals, Oriflame (1750 rubles)

Serum-peeling for skin renewal with 6% content of AHA-acids NovAge ProCeuticals

Popular acids are used again! The combination of lactic and glycolic acids works by chemically exfoliating dead, dry skin cells. Every skin type needs this on a regular basis, so the serum will become an ideal part of your daily beauty routine.

Skind8 Cleansing Australian Facial Mask Made of Pink Clay (3270 RUB.)

Skind8 Cleansing Australian Facial Mask Made of Pink Clay (3270 RUB.)

Pink clay is a renowned anti-pollution fighter. But unlike other types of clay in this mask, it is a light whipped essence and works much more neat than conventional clay products: without the risk of dry skin and dehydration. The mask is rich in minerals and serves as an excellent detoxifying agent for the facial skin.

Peeling roll in spray format Smoothie Peeling Mist Lemon Squash, Holika Holika (750 rubles)

Smoothie Peeling Mist Lemon Squash

An ideal product for lazy people and lovers of unusual beauty novelties! This peeling mist is based on lemon juice, which unclogs pores and oxygenates the skin, lightens blackheads and fights acne marks. The second active component of the product is sugar cane extract. It is responsible for softening, as well as leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

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