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From asthma, severe pregnancy to gastrointestinal diseases: how perfumes affect health
From asthma, severe pregnancy to gastrointestinal diseases: how perfumes affect health

Finding a scent that complements your look perfectly is worth a lot. But sometimes even your favorite perfume does not bring the former joy. And changed tastes are not necessarily to blame for this. Perhaps there is something wrong with your well-being!

From asthma, severe pregnancy to gastrointestinal diseases: how perfumes affect health

It is believed that if the fragrance was created just for you, then you will not feel it on your skin after an hour or two. No matter how much you want it:) But those around you, on the contrary, notice how tasty you smell, and you will hear a lot of compliments.

Of course, smelling is also good. Yes, this is not the perfect one for you. But the main thing is that he is liked, gives positive emotions and helps to feel more attractive and more confident.

However, sometimes it is completely different. You put perfume on your wrist and realize that it is not yours at all. And it is especially offensive when the composition belongs to the group of those scents that you usually like. Or maybe we are talking about a perfume that has been on your dressing table for a long time and only recently gave only pleasant sensations. Can tastes change so quickly?

It is not that simple

In fact, rejection of the scent is a very alarming bell, which can give some clues about your state of health. Of course, here we are not talking about those situations when a headache can get a headache from a too strong and unfamiliar (especially male) perfume. Rather, you need to pay attention to other, more unpleasant sensations.


The composition of perfumery compositions includes at least a dozen or two different aromatic components. And it's not surprising that some of them can cause discomfort - simply because of the nature of their occurrence. Because of this, sometimes there were even major scandals: somehow girls began to massively complain about the new perfume of one of the major fashion houses. Like, after they sprayed it, they suffered from severe attacks of asthmatic cough. It turned out that the reason is in the extract of iris and hyacinth flowers. Perfumers replaced natural oils with similar synthetic ingredients, and the new batch of perfume is no longer dangerous!

Moms in danger

Especially often expectant mothers complain about the rejection of spirits. Yes, toxicosis can also deprive you of the opportunity to use your favorite fragrances! And a few years ago, "thanks" to British scientists, pregnant women were afraid to use perfume and visit perfume shops!

As it turned out as a result of one of the studies, due to the regular use of fragrant compositions, phthalate, a chemical substance that has some effect on the reproductive system, enters the body. True, this experiment was carried out on rats, and their offspring were born more inhibited than those of those animals that did not receive their dose of phthalate. And in fact, scientists are not very clear whether a couple of zips of their favorite perfumery water can really compare with the harmful effects that newborn rats received. Some experts talk about the dangers of perfume during pregnancy, while others urge not to dramatize.

By the way, perfumers who create individual fragrances constantly work with expectant mothers and help them create perfumes that do not provoke nausea and other signs of malaise. And this service is not worth some crazy money: if you wish, you can find a specialist with an acceptable price list and enjoy the perfume even during pregnancy.

Fragrance indicators


It also happens that the fragrance reveals itself on your skin is not as pleasant as it was promised in the reviews of other customers. Or, as we already said, your favorite perfume suddenly stopped smelling like before.And the point here is not necessarily an expired shelf life or a fake. Thus, your body can signal that something is wrong with it.

The skin is our largest organ. It is directly related to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Surely you yourself have been convinced of this more than once when, after the same fast food, you have acne.

The smell of the skin is also a reflection of the state of the stomach, intestines and other digestive organs.

Doctors advise changing your diet if you suddenly get a foul smelling sweat. It's the same with spirits. If, mixing with the smell of your skin, they began to exude an unpleasant aroma, it is better to pay attention to the condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Superfluous care for this part of the body will never be. And it is likely that after some recommendations, your favorite perfume will once again sparkle with bright colors!

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