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New and most persistent fragrances of 2021: choose together with a perfumer
New and most persistent fragrances of 2021: choose together with a perfumer

When you buy another bottle of perfume, you always want it to be as persistent as possible. We analyzed the new fragrances of 2021 and put together a list of the most sillage compositions that are guaranteed to delight you for a long time.

New and most persistent fragrances of 2021: choose together with a perfumer

We talked with an expert - a professional perfumer, and learned the rules for choosing the most persistent and sillage scents. Contents of the article 1. Persistent aroma: how to define it? 2. Concentration 3. The most persistent notes in fragrances 4. Your skin type and fragrance persistence 5. The most persistent fragrances of 2021: novelties and updated classics Hide

The persistence of the aroma is a very conditional characteristic. On the one hand, we overwhelm the consultants in the store with inquiries, trying to find exactly the most persistent and trail perfume that will leave its subtle mark wherever you go. On the other hand, truly "strong" aromas quickly tire. They do not leave the skin or clothes for several days and can begin to irritate with a monotonous memorized sound, in which there are no more notes of lightness and freshness. Most often, we put a perfume with such properties on the farthest shelf and use it only on rare special moments. And even then, if we remember their existence without sneaking attacks of suffocation and nausea.

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Persistent scent: how to define it?

In fact, a lasting scent doesn't have to be insanely strong and stuffy. Let's figure out what parameters you should pay attention to when buying perfumery.

Valeria Nesterova

Valeria Nesterova Perfumer, owner of the school of perfumery, chemist-technologist of perfumery and cosmetic industries

There are several ways to find a scent that will delight you with persistence and a beautiful long sillage. Some of them are considered basic, while others help improve your individual situation.


To begin with, you should pay attention to the type of perfume product. This parameter is indicated both on the price tag in the store and on the packaging of the fragrance itself.

The most unstable type of perfumery is a hair veil, a refreshing mist or spray, as well as a cologne (eau de cologne). They contain only 1-4% of the fragrant composition for the entire composition. The most persistent type of product is perfume (parfum, perfume) and perfume extract (parfum exctrait). They contain 30% and more of a fragrant composition.

Eau de parfum (eau de parfum) has a medium durability - and this is the most common and affordable type of product in perfumery stores.

The most persistent notes in fragrances

More persistent compositions are those where the emphasis is on the notes of the trail. Conversely, perfume pyramids with a predominance of top notes (citrus, watery and fruity notes) are always very light and not persistent.

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For the fragrance to last, it should contain these notes: amber, musk, sandalwood, cedar, oakmoss, incense, resin, vanilla, coumarin.

Your skin type and fragrance longevity

It is believed that personal characteristics of the body also affect how long a perfume will last. By the way, this parameter has absolutely nothing to do with skin temperature. It refers to the release of the scent on the body.

How can you tell if your skin is cold or hot - from the point of view of perfume opening? On cold skin, the scent is revealed in much the same way as when you smell it from a bottle and a blotter (test paper on which one listens to the sound of a perfume). On hot skin, the release of the scent is very different from the sound of a perfume on a blotter.

From the point of view of perfumery, hot leather can be compared to a frying pan. The first notes of the trail begin to open on it, and it even seems that the fragrance does not seem to be similar to the one in the bottle!

The owners of cold skin are most fortunate - the durability of their perfume is much longer than that of the owners of the hot type.In a hot skin type, the aroma is strongly transformed, changes in the process of opening and flies away faster. Cold skin type has 2-5 times more firmness than hot skin type.

Conclusion: on cold skin, fragrances last longer. With the hot type, looking for a perfume that will delight you all day is almost pointless. It is better to renew the layer from time to time or accept that by the evening there will be no trace of the perfume.

It is logical to draw an analogy here with lipstick. When the color has worn off, we calmly renew it without expecting incredible 24-hour durability - especially with food, drink and other factors in mind.

The most persistent fragrances of 2021: novelties and updated classics

However, a light scent will be less pleasing to the owner of any skin type. Therefore, remember the names of the persistent compositions that have appeared in cosmetic stores this year. We specially emitted their perfume pyramids and selected only those bottles that really have a lasting effect.

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Splendida Patchouli Tentation, Bvlgari (from 5830 rub.)

Splendida Patchouli Tentation

Here you will hear stringy musk, sweet peach and a lot, a lot of patchouli! Moreover, in three textures at once: precious patchouli oil, collected at once in two parts of the planet, as well as the "heart of patchouli" - a special extract, purified from the top tart notes, but retaining its concentration and saturation.

Irresistible Eau de Toilette, Givenchy (from RUB 5875)

Irresistible Eau de Toilette

Despite the fact that this is eau de toilette, and not perfume, and even more so a perfume, in which there is more of a fragrant composition, its durability is still amazing. The long-lasting secret is that the composition pyramids are built on contrasts. Here rose is combined with pear and ambrette - one of the varieties of amber. And you will also hear musk and cedar here - in general, all those notes that the perfumer recommends to look at.

Izia La Nuit, Sisley (from 10130 rub.)

Izia La Nuit

This perfume composition is literally dizzy with its sweetness. Roses, magnolia, currants are the first to declare themselves. Base notes of moss and patchouli then enter the arena. They reinforce the effect of the rest of the bouquet, enhancing its sound.

Twilly Eau Ginger, Hermes (from 4225 rub.)

Twilly eau ginger

The main component of the composition is burning ginger. And only from this bright note one can understand that the aroma will not disappear from the skin quickly! The main character of the novelty is harmoniously intertwined with the classic Twilly base - fragrant cedar and sweet peony.

Indonesian Oud, Zegna (from 15 620 rub.)

Indonesian Oud

If you are a lover of exotic aromas or just dream of a vacation - then you will definitely like this composition! The main character here is the precious Indonesian oud - perhaps one of the richest accords in oriental perfumery. It is elegantly complemented by rose, bergamot, patchouli and amber. And it turns out just a fairy tale!

Idole Aura, Lancome (from 6200 rub.)

Idole aura

The Idole perfume collection is a real ode to the sound of roses in fragrances. But in the new version of the composition, the pink flower is set off by the sweet-salty bourbon vanilla. And also a gentle heliotrope. The result is a very bright and feminine cocktail that will remind you of a hot summer for a whole year.

Importantly, the creators of Idole Aura themselves call it a "scent for the skin." So there is no doubt about the durability of the composition - even on a hot type of skin!

Tommy Girl Now, Tommy Hilfiger (1990 rub.)

Tommy girl now

This fragrance will especially appeal to young girls who love light fruity and floral arrangements. However, there is much more behind the simplicity of this novelty than it might seem. While magnolia, tangerine and honeysuckle lend an airy feeling, the rest of the pyramid of mint, musk and cashmeran lends strength to the sillage, making it sound at full throttle.

Neverending, The House of Oud (19450 rub.)


Just a glance at this fantasy bottle makes you understand: you definitely need to expect something unusual from the aroma! Indeed, this perfume cocktail does not disappoint. Here you will hear the "classics of persistence" in the notes of musk, amber, cedar and jasmine, and such unusual accords as, for example, suede, cypriol and kuayak wood. Agree, it sounds very intriguing!

Flower by Kenzo (6281 rub.)

Flower by Kenzo (6281 rub.)

Of course, this fragrance opens with notes that our expert calls light: namely, tangerines and lemon. However, in the base you will hear the "guarantors" of persistence - vanilla and musk, plus one more unusual ingredient.We are now talking about rose water hydrolate, which tends to preserve the maximum aromatic properties of the flower. The result is a very soft and delicate, but at the same time persistent scent that will last for a long time on your skin.

My Dynastie Princess, Marina de Bourbon (3870 rub.)

My dynastie princess

In the 1990s, Marina de Bourbon was literally adored by the whole country! Today the Perfume House still pleases its many female fans. We present to your attention the pink composition My Dynastie Princess. Very delicate, floral-fruity, it is perfect for daily use. And it will really decorate your day from morning to evening - due to the accord of rose, elderberry and amber, which is responsible for the duration and brightness of the trail.

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