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How to match your hair color to your eye color? Find your perfect match
How to match your hair color to your eye color? Find your perfect match

When choosing a coloring, many factors must be taken into account: eye color, undertones and skin color. The right combination can completely transform you. But how do you find it? We will show you how to choose the perfect hair color to match your eye color.

How to match your hair color to your eye color? Find your perfect match!

Spring is a time of change. Change your hair color, and we will tell you which coloring is best for you, taking into account the peculiarities of your appearance.

Hair color matching eye color - basic principles of combinations

There is no need to radically change the color of your hair - just a few strokes are enough to advantageously highlight the features of your appearance. The correct color can be quickly identified by eye color. Here are some basic tips to help you find a hair color that suits your eyes.

Before you sit down in the colorist's chair, analyze your appearance on several points:

  1. eye color;
  2. undertones of the skin;
  3. current hair color;
  4. color of the skin;
  5. the predominant color of the wardrobe.

While it is not difficult to determine the color of the eyes, it is not so simple with the skin tone. Fortunately, we know one very clear and quick way - look at your veins:

  • if the veins are greenish - congratulations, you have a warm undertone, for a harmonious look, choose copper and golden tones;
  • if blue veins appear - you have a cool skin tone, natural light tones like platinum or ash will "make friends" with your appearance.

What hair color suits blue eyes

Heavenly eyes behave differently with warm or cool hues. Paired with a cool blonde, they stand out better and become more dramatic. Hot gold, in turn, illuminates them. Also consider age - in youth, wine and burgundy coloring refreshes the face. After 40, blonde hair takes on this task.

For the right accents, ditch the auburn palette. Bright hair will not "cooperate" with the eyes - it will only pull the blanket over itself. Light-colored strands will also want attention, so it's best to avoid them.

Those to whom nature has presented a pure green eye color are real lucky ones. To deepen the brightness, choose the following coloration:

  • reddish brown;
  • amber;
  • copper;
  • iris;
  • raspberry;
  • brown with ashy notes.

They all enhance the sound of green eyes and indicate their depth.

What hair color suits brown eyes

Brown eye color is just an abstract name. In fact, the dark iris has different undertones that can be skilfully highlighted. Cool undertones "like" ash blond and silvery-white more. A warm one "prefers" golden brown, bronze and almond.

Brown eyes look more advantageous in a company with soft coloring, where individual strands are highlighted literally a few tones lighter. Colorists also don't recommend experimenting with dark chocolate if you have brown eyes.

What hair color suits light amber eyes

Exciting amber eyes need a warm, sunny tint. Think copper with reds, muted gold, auburn, or vibrant gold.

Deep dark colors like burgundy, black resin and chocolate are advised by colorists to avoid. They will be too harsh in relation to the natural dark tones of the iris.

What hair color suits brown eyes

What hair color suits brown eyes

Exciting amber eyes need a warm, sunny tint.

If you are looking for a natural hair color that harmoniously matches brown eyes, we will show you the best color options. Get inspired and go see your stylist.

Deep chocolate

Cinnamon and espresso with chocolate notes accentuate the depth of brown eyes.Plus, classic chocolate blends harmoniously with complex olive skin tones. Additionally, you can dilute the pallor of the face with a natural blush. It will be better if the colorist identifies the bright highlights. So the image will turn out to be multidimensional and voluminous.

Sunny brunette

Want fresh hair color for brown eyes? Then choose a sunny brunette. The complex coloration combines a light brown base that slowly dissolves into light golden highlights to a medium brown tone. You are the owner of light brown eyes and do not know which hair color to choose - take a closer look at a sunny brunette. Coloring will best emphasize the appearance of girls with olive or pale, even skin.

Chestnut with dark red undertone

Hazel eyes contain honey, nutty and olive undertones. To highlight this color variety, choose red, not pure, but paired with natural chestnut. Light pale skin looks best with auburn curls.

Golden blond

What other hair color matches brown eyes? The answer is - golden blond with a warm honey undertone. Coloring looks especially impressive on curly hair. Ask the colorist to highlight vibrant gold strands along the entire length to create multidimensional shine.

Black eyes - which hair color to choose

Hair coloring for black eyes should refresh the heavy look

Hair coloring for black eyes should refresh the heavy look.

It is a mistake to believe that a dark iris is combined with a harsh black color. On the contrary, dyeing your hair should refresh a heavy look. Here's how you can do it.

Platinum blonde

Opt for a brighter interpretation of platinum - bet on snowy, not gray. Against the background of dark eyes, the coloring will stand out perfectly without competing with them. You can add a bright undertone to pure platinum - cool blue or purple.

Bronze color

If you have natural black curls, do a blended dye. Combine light brown, shimmery bronze, and sloppy light gold highlights. You can "scatter" the highlighted strands along the entire length, or concentrate only in the area near the face and closer to the ends. Hair technique will create the effect of movement.

Dark brown

Black and brown curls with messy highlights highlight deep black eyes. Try on chocolate and ginger shades to deepen your hair color.

Backlit cinnamon

If you are tired of wearing classic brown hair color, add some light highlights to it. The burnt-out effect always looks fresh and natural, especially when paired with black eyes.

Green eyes - which hair color suits best

Scroll through our palette to find the best hair color to match your rare green eyes

Scroll through our palette to find the best hair color to match your rare green eyes.

Scroll through our palette to find the best hair color to match your rare green eyes.

Chestnut with red undertone

For green eyes, ask your stylist for a chestnut that fades into softened copper. Red does not draw attention to itself, but in contrast it highlights the already bright green iris.


Peach Strawberry is the best hair color for green eyes. To get the desired one, combine red and light tones. Before painting, check if your skin color is warm and your eyebrows are light.

Ginger blonde

If you have light green eyes, what hair color should you choose? It's simple - transform into a golden blonde with ginger notes. Focus on subtle golden highlights that can be brought to life with a variety of modern color techniques such as balayage or highlights. Natural hair color is especially suitable for those with green eyes and fair skin. A more dramatic look can be created by choosing a tone that blends with the skin from the blond palette.

Cool classic blue

Silvers, greens and cool blues are ready to befriend green eyes and tanned skin.And if you're just looking for a new summer coloration, take a look at the cool classic blue.

What hair color suits gray eyes

Gray eyes can be successfully distinguished with light strands

Gray eyes can be successfully distinguished with light strands.

Gray seems to blend in with all skin, hair and clothing tones. And the only way to show them to others is to put on a black dress and dye yourself into Snow White. Fortunately, this is just a myth. Gray eyes can be successfully distinguished with light strands. We will tell you which hair color is better to choose.

When choosing a new hair color for gray eyes, consider important features:

  1. Too dark palette will add several decades to you. So after 40, replace the traditional chocolate tone with lighter alternatives.
  2. Against the background of illuminated light curls, gray eyes simply fade. To highlight them, choose bright makeup.
  3. For those who prefer bright colors, we suggest you stand out with copper and gold tones.
  4. For a stylish yet understated look, mix ash paint with dark colors.
  5. Gray eyes “prefer” a chocolate palette.

Golden blond

Hair color for gray eyes cannot do without a natural blonde with a honey undertone. In turn, a cool ash coloration in its pure form is an unequivocal taboo. Otherwise, your appearance will turn out to be boring and expressionless.

Dark chocolate

The classic dark brown color is perfect for almost any tone of gray eyes. Adding a few thin cold light strands will help "pump" the look from ordinary to the most luxurious.

Red tree

The natural red tone works best with olive skin. With others, it also harmoniously combines, but does not emphasize so much the features of appearance.

Dirty blonde

Popular in the new season, the dirty blonde combines gold and ash notes to make her perfect for gray eyes. Multidimensional staining does not hide the gray irises, but, on the contrary, makes them stand out from the background.

Light eyes - what hair color to choose

A gorgeous combination of dark brown hair and pale blue eyes is the best thing that could happen to you

A gorgeous combination of dark brown hair and pale blue eyes is the best thing that could happen to you.

We figure out which hair color is best for light eyes.

Ice blonde

The icy blonde with ash highlights emphasizes well the light blue, amber and green eyes. In order not to go wrong with a new look, choose an ice blonde only in combination with a cold skin tone.

Fiery red

Fiery red is a harmonious hair color for light eyes. Fiery red hair and light blue eyes are a winning combo that makes the perfect combination. No one will understand that your natural hair color is brown. Red curls with a copper undertone will well accentuate golden and peach skin tones. If you have “warm” skin, don't be afraid to darken the red 2 tones.

Pink gold

Delicate rose gold, oddly enough, looks natural and natural, especially when paired with light amber or blue eyes. Trend coloration can be tried on at any age.

Dark chestnut

A gorgeous combination of dark brown hair and pale blue eyes is the best thing that could happen to you. To add volume and natural aesthetics, dilute the classics with subtle chestnut highlights a few shades lighter. Also, be sure to highlight the strands around the face.

Almost black

Almost black hair will complement the image of all owners of light blue and amber eyes. If your hair is dark chestnut, take a step towards black for more emphasis. But don't forget about the eyebrows - paint them black or dark brown.

Perfect hair color for blue eyes

Warm cinnamon or summer wine - looking for a hair color that perfectly matches blue eyes

Warm cinnamon or summer wine - looking for a hair color that perfectly matches blue eyes.

Warm cinnamon or summer wine - looking for a hair color that perfectly matches blue eyes.

Warm cinnamon

Soft cinnamon and chestnut will not only bring out the color of your eyes, but also give your hair a visual lightness and volume. Warm cinnamon is the perfect match for brunettes who want to lighten their hair a little but don't want to go straight to natural blonde. All shades of brown, with a few exceptions, look good on people with warm skin and rich blue eyes.


Luxurious, warming honey-ginger highlights from roots to ends - this natural hair color is simply made for blue eyes of all shades from light to dark. Add warmth and lighten the brunette without reaching a natural blonde. The ginger undertone, in turn, will highlight the warm golden tone of your skin.

Coral copper

Red and copper colors are becoming more popular in 2020. For the owners of blue eyes, this state of affairs is definitely on hand. To echo the trendy shade, tone down the fiery red with pinkish tones. Add subtle highlights, which will become more pronounced over time due to the washout of the pigment. Delicate coral will highlight your blue eyes.

Ash blonde

What hair color suits blue eyes? You can never go wrong with a natural ash blonde. You can also try on a new interpretation of a familiar classic - darken the roots. Create cascading bouncy curls and a natural color transition from chestnut to ash. Coloring looks especially impressive on the owners of blue-gray eyes and cold skin tone.


Are you the owner of blue eyes? Then in the new season, look towards the bold purple. This is the deepest and most magical hair color. Dye your curls first in classic platinum, and then give your hair a pastel purple shade. The new coloration will be very advantageous to combine with cold light skin.


We select a creative color for the blue eyes. To freshen up the look for spring, stylists recommend bold changes: change the hair color to pastel green. Green is good for collaboration with both blue-gray and amber eyes.

Take a closer look in the new season for natural simple dyes. If you still dream of bright and unusual colors, colorists recommend lilac, blue and pink.

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