Blondes, move over: 5 of the most fashionable colors for brunettes
Blondes, move over: 5 of the most fashionable colors for brunettes

Who Said Men Prefer Blondes ?! Black color is mysterious, magical and even to some extent vicious, and if it is also emphasized with the right shades, no one will forget such a brunette for sure! Today we will talk about what coloring for brunettes will be at the height of fashion in the new season.

Blondes, move over: 5 of the most fashionable colors for brunettes Irina Aderikhina

Irina Aderikhina co-owner of the Familyart beauty salon chain

Ombre, sombre and colombre

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It is no coincidence that these three trends are combined, because they are united by two-tone coloration. Ombre is characterized by a rather abrupt transition of shades from dark to light or vice versa. Over the past few years, this coloring has become a classic, and brunettes simply adore it. Sombre is a soft, lightweight ombre. With this staining, the transition is softer, and the color contrast between the roots and ends is not so pronounced. If you want to achieve a beautiful natural effect - try the sombre! And for those who are ready for more daring experiments, colorists are advised to try colombre. This is a provocative version of ombre, where light shades are replaced with colored ones, and this type of coloring will be at the peak of its popularity this season.

California highlights


Thanks to sunny Los Angeles for one of the most stylish coloring techniques - California highlights. Away with boring monochromatic shades, this season the shine of strands, as if burnt out in the sun, is in fashion! And by the way, Californian highlighting looks best on dark hair, because brunettes have a more natural transition from roots to tips when roots grow back.



A beautiful coloration that perfectly mimics the natural color palette. A light tone is applied to thin strands from the ends up, without affecting the roots. Another option is to just lighten the ends slightly. Shatush looks great both in combination with short haircuts and long curls. By the way, such staining is done quite simply and quickly, and this is also an obvious plus.

Cherry bombre


The absolute hit of this year is Cherry Bombre. In principle, everything is clear from the name - cherry strands are added to the main dark shade. This technique was invented by colorists especially for brunettes, and it has every chance to move not only the shatush and ombre, but also the "tiger's eye" so popular last year. But, choosing such a coloring, be prepared for thorough care and regular visits to the salon.

Ash gray


Most girls believe that ash shades are only for blondes. And by and large, they are right. But! In this case, we are only talking about a tone that will beautifully emphasize the dark hair color. There are many techniques for applying an ashy (gray) tone to your hair, but they all have one rule - leave black roots. This type of staining, of course, cannot be called natural in any way, but for that it looks mega-stylish. And just amazingly combined with bright makeup, long hair and evening dresses. Ideal for girls who like to be the center of attention.

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