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Baby heels: how to quickly put your feet in order without leaving home
Baby heels: how to quickly put your feet in order without leaving home

Heels are hardened and flaky, rubbed with corn, but you can't get into the salon for a pedicure? Now we will fix everything.

Baby heels: how to quickly put your feet in order without leaving home

Step # 1: Soak, Exfoliate, Hydrate

Fill a tub, basin, or any suitable container with warm water and pour in half a cup of moisturizing bath oil. Soak your feet in water for 20 minutes to soften dead skin and prepare to exfoliate. If the house is cool and the water cools quickly, add hot water to keep your feet warm all the time.

With a damp, hard washcloth, a foot file or pumice stone, rub the heels and rough areas in a circular motion, applying light pressure. Leave the other leg in the pelvis so that the skin does not dry out, or wrap it in a bag. Treat the skin of one foot for at least five minutes, rinse and immerse again in warm water with softening oil if the result is not satisfactory. Repeat the whole process from the beginning after another 20 minutes. If there are calluses on your feet, do not try to remove them with aggressive friction, we will deal with them a little later.

After exfoliating, apply a moisturizer to your feet. The cream can be replaced with butter, preferably coconut, olive or shea butter.

Step # 2: 10-minute spa

When the cream is absorbed, apply a wrap. For him, ordinary petroleum jelly or any fatty cream is suitable, and not necessarily expensive: in any pharmacy you can buy F-99 cream, it is cheap and perfectly softens the skin. Our goal is to create a layer on the surface of the skin that will prevent it from losing moisture after exfoliating and moisturizing. The layer should be thick, do not regret the cream. Put on soft socks made of natural fabric on top and lie down for half an hour, raising your legs. After half an hour, take off your socks, massage in excess balm and pat your feet dry.

Step # 3: makeup

Do not be surprised! The foundation will help hide the blisters. First, put on the shoes you plan to walk in, soak a sponge for applying the cream, or simply use your fingers to apply it to areas of redness, calluses and calluses. Most foundations have a moisturizing effect, and this will add to your feet. Pay special attention to the back of the heel, if it is open, and to the tips of the toes: it is the redness in this area that makes the legs look unkempt.

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