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Watercolor permanent: a tattoo that looks natural and heals quickly
Watercolor permanent: a tattoo that looks natural and heals quickly

Do you dream of bright lips and expressive eyebrows, but don't want to get up half an hour earlier every day? There is a solution: tattooing in watercolor technique. And don't be afraid of him in advance! It is very different from the unsuccessful "horror stories" from the world of tattooing, of which there are so many on the Internet and on the streets of cities.

Watercolor permanent: a tattoo that looks natural and heals quickly

Let's talk in more detail about the most advanced tattooing technique, which beauty bloggers and celebrities especially love. Contents of the article 1. Watercolor technique: how it differs from other methods of tattooing 2. Watercolor eyebrow tattoo 3. Watercolor lip tattoo 4. Advantages of a watercolor permanent 5. Cons of a watercolor permanent 6. Contraindications to a watercolor permanent and preparation for the procedure Hide

Permanent makeup has many female fans who do it year after year. And even, for example, they shave their own eyebrows to get a tattoo! But at the same time, we see a huge amount of negative reviews and photos, from which the hair stands on end.

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Unfortunately, this is not surprising at all. And it is not as rare as we would like. The first methods gave unstable results. And to find a competent master with a "light" hand, who will decorate the face, and not spoil, is not an easy task.

It's great that the world of tattooing does not stand still! Today, the rigid contours that give off blue pigment and blurry lines, because of which many are afraid of the permanent, are replaced by new techniques, the result of which looks as natural as possible. And the watercolor permanent is one of them.

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Watercolor technique: how it differs from other methods of tattooing

Watercolor tattoo is rapidly gaining fans. And for good reason!

The main difference between a watercolor permanent is that there is no outline on the treated area. In addition, several shades of pigment are injected under the skin at once, and at a minimum depth. That is, a natural finish here is combined with minimal trauma and quick healing of the skin.

The procedure is done like this:

  • to begin with, in consultation with the master, the desired result is discussed, the shade of the pigment is selected, and in the case of eyebrow tattooing, the shape is also;
  • then the master applies an anesthetic, most often it is just an anesthetic cream, nothing more serious is required;
  • in fact, the next is the application of the pigment, usually it is injected to a depth of only 0.5 mm, and the procedure takes only one and a half to two hours.

Pay attention! The foreman must work with gloves. In addition, the packaging with needles must be opened in your presence, and all other instruments must be removed from the sterilizer. Do not hesitate to ask for it, because this is a matter of your health!

Eyebrow tattoo

In the case of watercolor eyebrow tattooing, the shading (shadow) technique is combined (if necessary) with a point-like drawing of hairs. It is this mix that allows you to kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you can add the missing volume, and on the other, you can correct your own eyebrow shade and give them expressiveness. And the use of several tones of the dye creates the effect of maximum naturalness, to which everyone is striving!

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But it is important to understand that the result will be "muted", without clear lines. Do you remember what watercolor drawings look like? Certainly not like bright advertising posters:)

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Watercolor lip tattoo

In this case, everything is even easier. Such a tattoo is intended to make the tone of the lips even and brighter.Asymmetry, pallor of corners, cyanosis are easily corrected by the watercolor technique! That is why girls most often choose delicate pink shades, although, of course, there are also brighter options for such a tattoo.

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In any case, the lips after watercolor tattooing look plump and more contoured, despite the fact that the contour is not drawn on purpose. And if you put on top of hygienic lipstick or transparent gloss … Well, just a candy!

Pros of a watercolor permanent

  • It doesn't look vulgar. Everything is very subtle and natural!
  • You get a neat daytime “no makeup” make-up that can be easily turned into an evening one.
  • If desired, from procedure to procedure, you can periodically change the shades (which is especially important for lip tattooing).
  • There is no bright outline that everyone is so afraid of.
  • This permanent can be combined with any lipstick and gloss.
  • Watercolor tattoo "fades" evenly.
  • Low invasiveness of the procedure and an accelerated rehabilitation period. Just remember to use the recommended creams and protect your skin from the sun while everything heals!

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Cons of a watercolor permanent

Alas, it was not without them. And you must definitely take this point seriously so as not to be disappointed with the result.

  • A watercolor permanent is relatively expensive. Compared to a classic permanent, of course. But, you must admit, it is better to pay for a quality procedure than to disentangle the consequences of failure and spend even more effort, time and money on recovery.
  • Such a permanent make-up disappears from the skin rather quickly. On average, it lasts about a year, although in some cases it turns out to extend the pleasure for another year or two. But if this is a key moment for you, it is better not to count on such a long result.
  • With a watercolor permanent, it will not be possible to "draw" an eyelash or an arrow - this technology simply does not provide for graphicality!
  • Before starting the procedure, you need to accurately select the desired shade, because this is not a lipstick or an eyebrow pencil that can be washed off with micellar water. However, this rule applies to other types of permanent as well.
Eyebrow tattoo

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Contraindications to watercolor permanent and preparation for the procedure

In fact, everything is as usual here. A watercolor permanent should not be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding, diabetes, skin diseases and herpes in the acute stage, as well as some other diseases, the list of which must be announced to you in the salon. In addition, a few days before tattooing, you must not consume alcohol and drugs that affect blood clotting.

And, of course, do not forget that the choice of a master must be approached as responsibly as possible: pay attention to where he was trained, what certificates he received. Don't ignore safety requirements! Take care of yourself and do not agree to have the procedure at home.

In addition, take into account the artistic taste of the master. Working with several types of pigment, and even without a "hint" in the form of a contour, is difficult. Be sure to check out the gallery of works so that the result will please you and not become an unpleasant surprise.

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