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A dense light concealer and 7 more beauty mistakes that make the look cheaper
A dense light concealer and 7 more beauty mistakes that make the look cheaper

Make-up should make your image effective and expressive, emphasizing natural dignity. But, alas, some girls make common beauty mistakes that simplify the face and even look vulgar. Let's get better!

1. Wrong tone color


Too dark or too light foundation instantly makes your image absolutely unnatural and, as a result, “cheapens” the overall look. A dark tone can never create a tanning sensation, but only make you look like a carrot, and too light makes you look much older. Choose the base carefully!

2. Brown blush


There is nothing worse than a concealer or brown blush applied to the apples of your cheeks. It looks like you are a worker in a provincial canteen. Remember - we apply only pink or peach blush to the cheeks, and the brown shade is needed only for sculpting.

3. Unscented pencil

Image Image

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A tired look, "heavy" eyelids and the feeling that you simply cannot do makeup - this is what an unshaded pencil does with a beauty image. It should always be shaded into a light haze, avoiding clear boundaries.

4. Layering of mascara


Eyelashes that fall down under the weight of several layers of mascara don't look attractive at all. 2-3 strokes of the brush are enough to make your eyes wide open and expressive. Don't turn your eyelashes into pathetic false eyelashes.

5. Dark smoky in the daytime


Girls with thickly painted eyes in the morning and in the middle of the day look, to put it mildly, strange. Why be so zealous? Very dark smokey ice is suitable only for a party and a dramatic look, and if you are just going to work, limit yourself to light shading of shadows or a pencil in a haze.

6. Dense light concealer


Nothing makes the look more cheap than the white circles from the concealer under the eyes. This product has become a part of our everyday life, but many girls forget that the corrector also needs to be matched to the color of the skin (and it does not have to be very light!), And you need to apply a limited amount of the product. However, this mistake is made not only by us, but also by the stars: Eva Longria, for example, often walks like that!

7. Too tight contouring


Passion for contouring and sculpting has led to the fact that many girls, having watched the training videos and Instagram of Kim Kardashian, turn their face into a kind of mask - draw cheekbones and try to make the nose visually thinner … Alas, such a make-up looks good only in the photo, but in real life it looks just vulgar.

8. Incredible arrows


The arrows are a make-up classic, an absolutely undeniable classic. But this can only be said about neat thin arrows with a graceful tail. Girls who draw sweeping arrows almost to their temples do not fall into the trend …

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