How to get the most out of your hair mask: 8 helpful tips
How to get the most out of your hair mask: 8 helpful tips

We are sure you have a hair mask in your bathroom. And so that you can see the effect of this deep moisturizing and nourishing product, we decided to make a guide on how to use it for maximum effect. We hope useful life hacks will help you!

Wash your hair with sulphate shampoo without silicones

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If your hair care contains silicones, then do not forget to use a sulfate shampoo once every two weeks / month, which does not contain silicones (they end in -xane, -cone, -conol). The fact is that silicones accumulate on the hair and create an invisible film that does not allow moisture and beneficial ingredients to penetrate into them, which causes dryness, dullness and brittleness of the strands. To avoid this, we advise you to purchase a silicone-free sulphate shampoo (Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate, Sodium C12-14 Olefin Sulfonate or Sodium Coco-Sulfate, etc.) and occasionally rinse your scalp twice (why this should always be done, we wrote here).

Apply the mask to very wet hair

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Some habitually squeeze the water out of their hair before applying the mask - and in vain. Any strands need hydration, and water helps them a lot in this. After washing your hair, wet the curls with additional water, and then apply the mask with smoothing movements. But do not save on funds, take more! Otherwise, the whole product will leak from the strand along with the water.

Comb it with a comb

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This step is important because this is the only way to distribute the mask evenly through the hair. You don't want one part of your hair to be moisturized and nourished, and the other dull and dry, do you? If you have combed your hair with a mask and noticed foam, then you are on the right track. This means that the product was emulsified with water and you can proceed to the next stage.

Keep your hair warm


It's no secret that the effect of the mask is much more noticeable if you keep it warm. At home, there are several options: 1) put on a cellophane shower cap and a towel over it; 2) purchase a special hat that can be heated in the microwave. Thermal heating will penetrate the ingredients deeper, which is what we are trying to achieve.

Read the instructions for how long to keep the mask

Yes, a banal advice, but, believe me, few people read the instructions. But there the manufacturer indicates the optimal time for the mask to work accurately. If you do not hold it, you will not notice the changes, and if you overexpose it, then perhaps your hair will become waterlogged (this also happens) - it will become too soft, like a child's, and may just hang ugly. We don't think you need such an effect, so read how much you need to keep the mask on your hair.


Wash off the mask thoroughly

Sometimes it happens that the mask gets on the scalp, this will then affect the lack of volume at the roots, so we advise you to thoroughly rinse the scalp and the hair itself. This is not a matter of ten seconds, give it about a minute. Arm yourself with a comb if your hair gets tangled.

Add a booster to the mask

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your hair mask, you can add a special booster to it - a booster agent that will allow the active ingredients to penetrate even more into the hair structure. Boosters can be purchased at any beauty store. And also on sale there are masks already reinforced with boosters.

Apply some conditioner on top

This is an optional step, but still we will tell you about it: if the mask is aimed at powerful hair restoration, then it is better to “close” it with conditioner. Some even use masks instead of conditioner - read how correct it is here.

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