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Hunt for discounts! 10 rules of how to spend Black Friday profitably
Hunt for discounts! 10 rules of how to spend Black Friday profitably

In order not to buy any garbage at the sale, you need to approach the issue wisely. In this material, we have collected 10 basic rules of competent shopping, which will help you to profitably make purchases on Black Friday.

Hunt for discounts! 10 rules of how to spend Black Friday profitably

Analyze your wardrobe

The most important step is preparation. In order not to buy unnecessary things, determine in advance what things you are missing. Take apart the clothes, get rid of those that are already unwearable, think about how you can combine the rest and what you are missing. Make a list of the missing items - this will give you a guideline for the sale.

Define a budget

It is better to designate in advance the amount that you are ready to spend on new things. Having determined the exact figure, you will be more careful with money during the sale and will not be "overclocked" by trifles. Keeping the “limit” in mind, it’s easier for you to refuse unnecessary purchases, and, in general, make a decisive choice before going to the checkout. To protect yourself from unnecessary expenses, you can even take a limited amount of money for shopping. True, this can fail in the event that you decide to go beyond the limits even slightly.

Go scouting

Before you go shopping, study the catalogs of the brands you are interested in. This not only saves you time and nerves, but also allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses already in the first store. Knowing what and where is available, you will be able to compare the offers of different brands in advance and choose the most profitable and interesting among them.

Buy online

Internet shopping is only becoming more popular every year. This format is especially convenient during the sales period. You can make lists of items you like from different brands and, before starting to place orders, compare everything that you put into the basket and choose the most necessary from it. This method will allow you to avoid "duplicates" and regrets in the style of "And in this store exactly the same blouse was cheaper." Today, most online stores offer convenient terms of delivery, fitting, and return in case something does not fit. Many online shops even give the opportunity to order many items at once, and make a choice after trying on.

Don't start with the mass market

During the sale period, you can afford to buy things that you cannot afford on ordinary days. If you have long dreamed of a cashmere sweater or a stylish handbag from your favorite designer, it's time to realize your goal. Start your shopping with more expensive and desirable stores and only on a leftover basis look into the mass market. In such large stores, as a rule, there is a large and bright assortment. You can not only freeze for a long time studying the collection, but also lose energy and time already at the first point, leaving no energy to continue shopping. Plus, you run the risk of wasting your entire budget on a bunch of unnecessary cheap things that are available on ordinary days.


Don't fall into the marketing trap

All kinds of offers in the style of “Buy for 10,000 and get an additional 10% discount” sound tempting and, at first glance, profitable. However, such tricks make you linger in one store and spend all the money there. In addition, often, in order to collect the required amount, we throw a bunch of unnecessary things into the basket. As a result, it turns out that these very discount 10% literally flew to the wind.

Consider every purchase

First, there is no need to rely on the price tag and buy everything that is marked in red. Secondly, before you go to the checkout, think about whether you would buy this thing, if there were no discount on it, where would you be able to wear it, with what it would look good in your wardrobe. Only after answering all these questions, you can proceed to payment.

Place your bet on the base

At sales, it is better to buy basic things that will not disappear from the shelves in a month. As a rule, the biggest discounts are made on the once ultra-fashionable things that "live out" their own.

When is the best time to buy

At the beginning of the sale, there is a wider selection in stores. But in the middle and at the end there are few sizes and a lot of scrap, but you can get to the best offers.

Don't be afraid to make a refund

If, nevertheless, you went into a rage and bought a lot of unnecessary clothes that do not fit into your wardrobe, just give them back. The main thing is to study the rules of return and save the receipt. Even if the item is quite inexpensive, you shouldn't leave it just because "oh, well, it's so cheap." As a result, it will lie dead weight and take up space in the closet.

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