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How to get rid of lint on your head once and for all: 7 helpful tips for grooming
How to get rid of lint on your head once and for all: 7 helpful tips for grooming

Fluffy hair is what nature has awarded us. When the humidity rises outside, they become even fluffier than before. Familiar situation? Then read our material to find out what helps us keep fluff in good condition regardless of weather conditions.

How to get rid of lint on your head once and for all: 7 helpful tips for grooming

Fluffy hair is a problem for many. And if you have come to terms with the fact that you often get freezz (), then we were looking for a way to get rid of it and … we found it. We share with you our secrets that helped to pacify our fluff:

Thorough hydration

Yes, it sounds very simple, but it is high-quality moisturizing that gets rid of lint. What do we mean by "quality"? As a rule, girls use silicone care, which forms an invisible film on the hair, and moisture and nutrients do not pass through it, which is why the hair begins to dry, frizz and break off. Sound familiar? Study the formulations of your shampoos and make sure they have good washing surfactants: Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate, Sodium C12-14 Olefin Sulfonate or Sodium Coco-Sulfate, and others. Important! There should be no silicones, because they impair the rinsing ability of the shampoo.


In order not to dry out your length, apply conditioner, mask or oil to it before washing your hair - this method is called pre-poo. Then cleanse the scalp with shampoo and release the lather to the length. We use budget funds for this so that they are not hot to wash off after 2-3 minutes.

After such cleansing, any conditioners and masks will start to work much better. After a couple of weeks, you will notice changes in the quality of your hair - it will become smoother, softer and less fluffy.

Make hair masks

Continuing the theme of the first rule - do not be lazy to make masks for 20-30 minutes under a warm hat. In 5 minutes in the shower with a mask, a miracle most likely will not happen, because the ingredients take time to earn. If there are proteins in the composition and your hair at the moment does not resemble hay, then they (proteins) will thicken them and again there will be less fluff.

If you dye your hair, then take a closer look at Olaplex no.3. Yes, this is not a budget tool, but girls with colored strands note that after a month or two they see the result - the hair becomes denser, nourished and looks more alive.


Try to give up the towel

Now we will surprise you, but ordinary terry towels take a lot of moisture from the hair, which is why our "favorite" fluff appears. Try replacing them with silk, cotton or microfiber towels - they absorb significantly less moisture, which makes your hair more hydrated. We have completely abandoned towels and simply squeeze the curls with our hands, immediately proceeding to dry our hair with a hairdryer at a cold temperature.

Add oil to the care

Girls with straight hair almost always keep oil on their shelf in the bathroom, hoping that it will moisturize and nourish the ends (which, of course, is not the case). In fact, it will be useful after applying an indelible product or mask to "seal" the moisture inside the hair and not let the moisture in from the outside, which causes the frieze.

If you have curly hair, then the LOC / LOG method helps many to keep the curl in the summer, that is, the sequential application of an indelible conditioner (livin) + oils without silicones + cream or gel. Oil, like silicone, forms an invisible film on the strands, so moisture does not penetrate into the hair.


Experiment with hair drying techniques

It would seem, what could be unusual in hair drying and what techniques are there? In fact, there are a lot of them and any blow in the wrong direction can make the fluff. As for straight hair, it is important with them to know the direction in which to blow - from the root to the ends. You can smooth and dry the strands with a natural bristle comb.

We have curly hair, so we can give advice on how to dry it so that there are contoured curls without fluff (apply styling first):

  • put your head down, start drying the roots and length with a diffuser at arm's length, without touching your hair;
  • after you feel that a caste has formed (invisible crisp from styling), start touching the diffuser to the roots, drying them more thoroughly - this will allow you to achieve root volume;
  • then put a part of the hair in the “bowl” and press it closer to the roots - so dry all the hair until it is “50% dry”;
  • Raise your head gently and tilt to the left, continue to put your hair into the diffuser in this way, then change sides and continue drying.

So, you will get a minimum of fluff if you pre-moisturize your hair well and use a suitable styling.

Alexandra Bogadelnikova

Alexandra Bogadelnikova Dermatologist, Ph.D., PHYTO brand expert

The main reasons for the appearance of fluff

Air humidity

In humid conditions, it is best to use products with silicones for straightened hair. The silicone film prevents the hair from absorbing moisture from the air, and the hair stays straight longer. If we are talking about curls, then it is worth resorting to using leave-in conditioners before applying styling.


Lack of proper care and, as a result, damaged hair

The health of the strands is determined by the state of the keratin layer. Its destruction leads to the fact that the hair does not look well-groomed, frizzy and even falls out. Regular and proper care is the basis for the beauty of your hair, especially if the curls are damaged for one reason or another, from daily hair drying to a perm or keratin straightening.

Always use special hair restoration products, do not ignore all the steps from mask to conditioner, apply leave-in care. Choose products only for your hair type. Don't forget about regenerating products with keratin to nourish the hair and fill in the scales that open when damaged, making the hair porous, thin and dull. Remember that harm can be: mechanical (too frequent or aggressive combing, for example), thermal (hairdryer and hot tongs) and chemical (perm and dyeing).

Care not by type of hair

To improve the structure of the hair, it is necessary to select cleansing agents according to the type of scalp, be sure to pay attention to the composition of the product - a neutral pH level, the presence of silk proteins, amino acids. Vegetable shampoos and balms containing pea and mallow proteins are very good for this. These plants contain a lot of mucus, smooth and restore hair.

Oil for hair nourishment Source Essentielle Nourishing Oil, L_Oreal Professionnel Indelible remedy Phytokeratine Extreme, Phyto Leave-in conditioner Detox Organics Kamchatka, Natura Siberica Moisturizing hair balm Fructis "Aloe Superfood", Garnier Silk for hair Silk Hair Essence, DNC Moisturizing hair conditioner Botanique Detox, TRESemmé Mask for dry hair Botanicals Fresh Care "Wild saffron", L_Oreal Paris Hair mask with macadamia nut oil, "Zhivitsa" Moisturizing conditioner Hydrating Conditioner, Saco Supernature Smoothing Styling Milk, Biolage RAW

It is better to dry hair naturally and use a wooden comb to comb it. Don't forget the special detangling sprays that you can use after shampooing or throughout the day. All these procedures must be done regularly and do not abuse staining.

Incorrect or missing styling products

A lot also depends on styling and styling products. Do not skip this step of protection before drying your hair, even if you dry it naturally. If you do use a hairdryer to style and dry your hair, do not forget about the styling products with thermal protection. This will reduce the harmful effects on the hair and preserve its structure.

By following these simple rules, your hair will stop frizzing.

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